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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My "Siao-Lang" (crazy fella) Kite !

Following my 1st kite flying experience, made it the 2nd time couple of weeks ago.... when I was seriously stressed up. Not that I am relieved from stress now, as I think I am getting worse :( Anyway, let me live-my-own and rest for the weekend.

Bought this paper-kite many years ago at Pantai Morib, off the beach towards south from my place. It's unique as its made solely from thin color paper. I brought this kite all the way to Lang Tengah island, on my last trip there... but I didn't realised it was in my bag until the very last day. Anyway, I didn't have time and chance to fly it too, as our trip was rather a 'rush' type. Wish I am still out there in the island.... :) - day dreaming job, a typical Libraian character.. am I right?

Here's the lakeside park at Kota Kemuning.

Some special kites I found - BATMAN !!! Very unfortunate, the gold one went off the sky after a while.. not sure where did it landed to.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Qi Gong Massage @ Soon Reflexology, SS2 Petaling Jaya

Mr Soon has been my savior of body ache pain every now and then. How I get to know him? It was through an introduction from my uncle when he saw I had a very bad swollen ankle about 1.5 years ago. I fell from a step during my Jan 1 trip to Shanghai last year, I twisted my right ankle badly. Upon returning to Malaysia, I had visited couple of reflexology sifu, but things did not improve for at least a month long!

Till I visited Mr Soon, he applied Qi Gong acupressure method and I found it very effective and relaxing... That's how I discover his service and most friend and family I had introduced to him will find him good.

Lately, I have been visiting Mr Soon twice in a month.. why? Well... as you might know, I could have been stretching some part of my body muscle too much, after several lesson for diving. Also some amount of stress at work and working on my laptop for long hours. Early May before my trip to Singapore and Lang Tengah, I had severe upper back, shoulder and arm pain. After once massage... I feel so 'loose' and relax, it helped me to have a 'painless' trips.

Later just 2 weeks ago, I had severe lower back pain instead. Most probably due to my long hour sitting position in the office and back home. I should have more micro break each time I get too much 'into' my work. It could be due to my odd-posture I had lately - bed + netbook :)

In case you would wish to know how to get there, Mr Soon's shop is just above Nam Heong Chicken rice shop. GPS Coordinate: N3 07.126 E101 37.195

You might wish to give him a call before visit, as he does not have any helper at the meantime, its only him who does the massage work.

Tel : +603-7958 8227
Handphone : +6012-388 3227

(click to enlarge)

Update: Soon massage has now moved to a block behind. Above Sydney Optical, same row as Savemart SS2.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Foods @ Kota Kemuning - Restaurant Sei Bao (食饱饱)

It was after I touched down from my last Singapore trip earlier this month. We decided to have a quick dinner and explored this restaurant for the 1st time. We all knew it was moved from another location within Kota Kemuning, previously was named Sek Bao Bao, after its Chinese name 食饱饱, eat-full-full, haa....

Their previous restaurant was located back at the 2nd roundabout, within the destiny of Anggerik Liparis and Doritis area. Ever since then, I like to tapao their Singapore Fried Bihun. Guess why? Cos they normally served with lots of BBQ pork char-siew and small lil shrimp.

After ending their business close to a year, they decided to re-open their business at the busy business area of Anggerik Vanilla, nearby weekly Pasar Tani area instead.

Let's see what are the dishes we ordered. Without miss, surely will have their Singapore Fried Bihun, vegetable and lastly mantis prawn (赖尿虾) fried with salted egg.

Where does this restaurant located? Check out the map below (click to enlarge). Near tapak pasar tani.
GPS coordinate : N3 00.348 E101 32.315

Tel : +603-5122 0136

2009 Shah Alam Buddist Society - Charity Fair

Shah Alam Buddhist Society (SABS), if not mistaken has established here at Bukit Rimau for the past 2 or 3 years. Tomorrow, May 24th another annual event will take place at the multi purpose hall of the Buddhist temple.

Not that I am a very serious Buddhist, but I do hang out at least annually. Except this year Wesak day... I was enjoying myself on the road back from Lang Tengah :-).

I was accused of safe-keeping the below vouchers all these while, and having miss-placed it lately. I have never ever seen the vouchers before, unless I had really memory lost lately. Fortunate enough, it wasn't my fault! My memory is still intact, as I do admit having a very sharp and clear memory power.

In case you are around Kota Kemuning and Bukit Rimau area tomorrow, do make an effort to drop by at this annual event. All kinds of products, especially vegetarian food, healthy products used to be on sale, and profit will goes to SABS.

How to get there.... here's GPS coordinate in case you need one, N2 59.755 E101 31.593.

Click to enlarge

Day dreaming post.... :)

Another *dreaming* post... *dwink*, as I mentioned earlier I wish I will be traveling out there... but then its not during the Swine Flu period now, especially to some infected country like Japan.

Was dreaming of my frequent trips to Japan 2+ years ago. Having need to bring myself there for every quarter, made my life as if I am part of the Japanese. Walking into the restaurant at Takanawa, most will speak Japanese to me. Remembering a waitress was trying to speak Japanese to me, in the end, she spoke Mandrin to me. Apparently, she's one who had been studying in Tokyo for almost 5 years. My other experience was during a trip from Shanghai-Tokyo, I was on ANA flight. The crew refused to hand me the embarkment form, saying I am a Japanese... I was forced to answer " Anata-wa ie Nihon jin". Such thing could happen to me.. Luckily I had done my beginner class of Japanese.

On the train, from Narita Airport to Shinagawa station... it was a 1+ hour journey only if you are on Narita Express (NEX). If you broad onto the other train, which both board from the same platform, you would ended up at the same destination in 2 hours. It happened to me once, but thank god I had a colleague with me... it was the same trip we had from Shanghai - Tokyo. There was some problem occured on the Tokyo railway route, it went into a mess and we have to change several trains to reach our destination.

Other thing I miss was their authentic Japanese food. Colleague will bring me to all kinds of restaurants, i.e. Shabu-shabu, Sushi, pork-chop rice shop, etc.... I miss them and their accompany very much :(

I miss shopping too... so far I had only had some opportunity to shop at Akihabara - the electrical area and Ginza - the fashion street. I was normally on my own at Akihabara, I could have a great sweet time hanging around at electrical malls... searching high and low for my gadget stuffs, camera equipment.... I still regret for not buying my SLR camera bag on my last trip there. Roppongi was with 2 ladies colleagues... we had our dinner there and observed Tokyo Tower view from the roadside.

Ginza was surely a place my colleague and I had got lost for several streets before we got to our destination - Zara fashion store! It was a planned afternoon where we both agreed to explore the place, selecting which area's Zara should we go and take a look. These are the pictures that triggers me to this dreaming post. Misses the thrill of needing to rush ourselves during the after work hour... train was cramped all the way, got lost a few times on the street, didn't know which direction should we head to, etc.... it was amazed! It was also the only time I shopped for cloths in Japan....

I still recalled a "amazing race" arriving at a dinner place, where our local colleagues had abandoned both of us foreign colleagues to get there on ourselves during a peak after work hour. Getting to the restaurant at an alien place to us, it was rather hard.. as we would need to change several train, ended up lost in transit.. haha..

Missing every single memories I had at Tokyo, didn't really explore the place during most of my trips. Earlier trips I was rather coward to explore on my own, locking myself in the hotel room and office most of the time. The most is exploring what's there in the drug store, i.e. cosmetics and so.. as well as Supermarkets, Apple-Isetan is my favorite! :)

Foods @ Kota Kemuning - Auntie Juliet Garden Cafe

Mind me... it has been a hectic month of May.. I wish I could get into mid-June very soon. Having mental blocked for the last couple of days, I wish I could be in somewhere out there travelling. Anyway, let me see what other pending post I have so far...

We have been visiting this garden cafe ever since we shifted here at Kota Kemuning several years ago. Quite like their Nyonya foods served, typical Malaysian food and its Halal too. Hubby likes to bring his China colleagues here, for food tasting and most of them like the authentic Malaysian food served too.

They have set meals, which come with 1 main dish + drink + dessert. Very good deal and most of the time I will order that. Let's see what's my favourite.

Mee Bandung

Kampung Fried Rice, they have varieties of Thai Fried Rice and Normal Fried Rice

My favourite drink - Apple Asam Boi

Here's the cafe's setup, very authentic Baba Nyonya setup, with its quote of the day... or may be quote of the week!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dive Trip to Lang Tengah Island, Terrenganu May 7-9, 2009

It was an immediate trip after my training trip to Singapore mid last week. I spent barely 4 hours at home, 2 hours of sleep.. before I have to head off to Merang, a town after Kuala Terrenganu, east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Rushing and stress will be my lifestyle in the month of May, I have to admit. Good that I had started it as a leisure before my stress coming on (先甜后苦), at least I had got a short break before a great stress at work.

Somehow, I had great amount of hard time to get through my Open Water Dive course, like sacrificing all my weekends for the past 1 month just to attend classroom classess, pool lessons and so on. Oh yeah, and even get my skin tan like I have never been before even I stayed in an island since borned!

Photos below somehow shows the chronological order on how my trip preparation went by... First was the most significant tan I had got from this pool session at Selangor Polo Club, Kota Damanasara. I was in the pool from 1PM - 5:30PM.. gosh!!!

Second pool session was at a smaller but deeper pool opposite University Hospital, PJ at similar hour, namely Diver's Dent.

Next, was the shopping of my very basic gear. I had got my mask somewhere end-Apr this year, I do like the clearity of it, won't fog much... but a bit unfortunate it does not fit my face well after several pool and sea sessions. Was joking with my friends - it seems my face had got slimmer after the hard time rushing around... hehe, think positively! Anyway, I am prepared to shop for a better one before my next dive trip.

Followon, just 2 days before my dive trip... I was searching up and down in Singapore for my dive attire. Was thinking of getting a wetsuit but didn't get one which suits my liking. In the end, I found a rashguard which I like it very much, cos its in PINK ! I wasn't sure if a rashguard would enough for me, fortunate enough... underwater temperature was 31degree Celcius, not too cold and it was just enough!!!

Lastly, it was the trip!!! Many might have not known of this island, Lang Tengah which situated very close to the famous Redang island. Most my diving friends (now with an official status as a diver! hehe,. 12 of us) have not been to this island, and so did I.... It is a very small island, situated near to Redang island. It has only 4 resorts in the island. Fairly small indeed.

We stayed at D'Coconut Lagoon Resort, East Wing. Apparently is the not very high class wing mainly for divers or budget stay. The hotel has another wing which caters for higher end facilities. Much as all, it was just a 3D2N stay which we spent most of the time in the sea, we don't really need the higher end facilities. A view like below is much and good enough for a short and relax trip. I wish I could have a 1 week island and resort holidaying..... but I could only have it in my dream right now :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Very interesting question indeed... I wish to share this just before I start writing on other stuffs a.k.a. food blog. Again, another sharing from my Yoga class... my instructor pointed a question as above (apparently I skipped the previous class, my classmates had experiment this at home), "so, what did you see yourself at the mirror?". Some shared their experience and feelings, some even saw herself like a pet... gosh!!

I got a shocked and started to imagine how and what would I see if I overlook a mirror for more than 1 hour... As usual, I am a 'professional' day-dreamer and would like to imagine things happening just like near me, and I will start giggling on my own. friends who know me well will notice this :P

Then, I start googl'ing around for the source of material. Found this website nicely wrote exactly what my instructor meant - http://charleshamel.com/2008/02/25/when-you-look-in-the-mirror-what-do-you-see/

Align Center

Haha.... I like the way they phrased it, indeed very true that human being many times are afraid of change, have a thoughts that reflected their own lifestyle. Basically, its an image that we had craved for ourselves, everyday look we maintain it and as it goes along... that is your image.

Being a day-dreamer is not a bad idea too, at least it craves into your life style what you desire to be, and it will slowly changes into your mindset. Which I guess what I am doing now all these while been helping me a lot.

If we happen to see something's not right at our mirror, believe its time for us to analyze our own thinking, and start to think what is the best measure to overcome it.

Back to my earlier post, it shows negative thoughts will always lead to negative doing. I can't help reminding myself to think positively always. One of a way is to admire beautiful images, a good looking creature may be a good idea somehow... hehe No one says its easy to do, but without doing it will surely fails you.

Let's dream :) dream, dream, dream...

Nihon Mura (日本村), The Cathay Singapore

And this supposed to be the next day's dinner dinner with my sis.... Another Japanese restaurant she likes to hangout for Japanese meal. Very interesting restaurant, having its own system and concepts. I got lost a few times, having need to know which to choose, where to grab my drink and where to pay!... but the greatest thing was, you got to choose what you want to eat, and its all within a stick. Reminds me of those sticks we can find at the temple, where one is trying to 'request for luck" (求签).

Let's have a few pictures to start the restaurant's introduction... Here you could see each sticks represent each food they serve, ready with its price tag. Then we compare with its end product, let's see if you are satisfied them.

Now, let's see if the servings are the same as the pictures.

Asparagus bacon

The Stone rice (before stir and after stir)

Nice Baby Tomatos wrap with bacon


Fried Oyster

My favourite soft shell crab

Where is this restaurant located - The Cathay, 2 Handy Road #B1-K1-07, Dhoby Ghaut.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant, Singapore

This is supposed to be "A Day out in Singapore - Part 3". However, I had changed it blog title to the restaurant name instead.

First of all, this place CHIJMES (pronouns as "chimes") at Singapore, located nearby City Hall. It's a national heritage site, which now converted into popular dining and shopping area. CHIJMES Hall, is the restored chapel... and now its been a favourite picture taking place for wedding photos. At the lower ground level, they have several bars restaurant too.

We dine at a Japanese BBQ Restaurant, you should have known the name as above - Gyu-Kaku. Visit their site at http://www.gyu-kaku.com.sg/. Why it has not panetrate into our Malaysian market? Even Indonesia has got its branch. In Japan, it seems to be kind of a chained store restaurant, they have 700++ outlet in Japan itself.

Kimchi & Vegetables for grill

Korean Stone Rice & its after stirring effect

Wagyu beef & varieties of pork bacon and sausages

On the grill & the bacon

Butter garlic prawn and lamb

Another highlight is their dessert - YakiMochi Ice Cream! You will need to grill this Japanese rice cake. Most importantly, check out the video we took.. see how the rice cake "Pop"!

We had almost all dish served by its grilled plate, except the stone-rice and ice-cream... Wagyu beef is the highlight! They serve nice Wagyu beef for grill, and some pork and bacon too. They were all tasty! But my only worry was - will it be too heaty??!! (anyway, I had prepared my instant Chinese herbal tea ;))

Thanks to the treat YH! It was a great dinner and obviously its a good place to dine and blog :P