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Saturday, May 23, 2009

2009 Shah Alam Buddist Society - Charity Fair

Shah Alam Buddhist Society (SABS), if not mistaken has established here at Bukit Rimau for the past 2 or 3 years. Tomorrow, May 24th another annual event will take place at the multi purpose hall of the Buddhist temple.

Not that I am a very serious Buddhist, but I do hang out at least annually. Except this year Wesak day... I was enjoying myself on the road back from Lang Tengah :-).

I was accused of safe-keeping the below vouchers all these while, and having miss-placed it lately. I have never ever seen the vouchers before, unless I had really memory lost lately. Fortunate enough, it wasn't my fault! My memory is still intact, as I do admit having a very sharp and clear memory power.

In case you are around Kota Kemuning and Bukit Rimau area tomorrow, do make an effort to drop by at this annual event. All kinds of products, especially vegetarian food, healthy products used to be on sale, and profit will goes to SABS.

How to get there.... here's GPS coordinate in case you need one, N2 59.755 E101 31.593.

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Jacko said...

did u buy nasi lemak n julie biscuit fr my mom??