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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dated Magazines @ Damansara Cineleisure

It was not my intention to drop by any shopping centers today, but it was fated. Situation didn't allow me to be dropped back home on a Saturday afternoon, when I planned to take myself a break from a miserable weekdays work, which had basically stressed me out these days. Causing me sleepless nights, even on a Friday night!

Anyway, it was a free n easy shopping for me. I enjoyed the walk alone, exploring Cineleisure which I had never been to except for my last Birthday celebration @ Tony Roma's. I walked myself from The Curve, skipping the weekend flea market for my later agenda.

I tried to look for attractive afternoon tea place, but failed. Basically, I was still hunting for my lunch at the time of 3-4pm today. As I walked around the mall, I found a place at the Basement which sells lots of dated magazines at very affordable price. As low as RM5, you could get some dated Interior Design Magazines, Fashion, Food, etc...

Most importantly, they are imported International magazines. Too bad they only have English and a lil portion of Japanese magazines. Else, I will be more than happy to grab some Home DIY Taiwan magazines, which had been my favourite ever since I was there in Taiwan last May 2008.

So, here's the store. Check it out if you happen to look for some useful magazines, which even if its dated, but not too far dated... such as Travel, Food, Automobile, and so will be a nice bargain place to stop by.

I then had my afternoon tea @ the apartment, The Curve alone. Sitted myself at a nice lil sofa at the front corner. The environment looks nice from outside, but one thing I don't quite like is their air-conditioner. I felt stuffy sitting at the corner. Anyway, the food was OK... I had a very heavy sandwich meal at a late afternoon around 5pm!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Khuntai Restaurant - An Authentic Thai in PJ

Following a bad sore throat after the CNY dinner, I had no choice but to attend another gathering of old friends for hubby. It made my day even worse after this meal, though I didn't had much and enjoy the food either. But I truly knew, if I have had in good condition and if its during a cool chilling day, I might have enjoyed my food very much. Anyway, it was an experience of loosing appetite but seeing others enjoy their food so well.

Located in PJ, Jalan Gasing. The restaurant has its own website too. I have been there for Banana Leave Indian food before, and never expect there are few more famous restaurants around that area.

We had a package dinner with some minor changes of the menu, as I friend had brought own Tiger Prawn all the way from Kuantan to share with us. By the way, this restaurant could help and cook you dishes with your own fresh seafood. In fact, the total dinner only cost us merely RM250 for 10pax.

Let's bring you what's famous in this restaurant. It's the drink they serve - Umpera with Sour Plum (沙梨酸酶). Very chilling drink in fact, and tasty too.

Mieng Kam is a must as Thai appetizer. Love this leave wrap stuffs with dried shrimp, chilli, onion, garlic, ginger, peanuts and so...

Then set of dishes came along the way. First with famous Thai Fried rice with shredded egg and beef. Second is omelet with special vegetable, not quite sure what type of vegetable was that. Heard it is fully imported all the way from Thailand.

Next are their Chicken Green Curry and Sour Steam Fish.

Then we had this specially brought over Tiger Prawn as Thai Style steam prawn. The other next is Otak-Otak seafood, stuffed seafood including squid, fish flesh, prawn and so in coconut blend. Very unique and tasty, too bad it was spicy.

TomYum gong is a must too... we had that but I didn't picture it out, it should be common. By the way, you could browse their menu from their website - http://www.khuntai.com.my/

Here are the address and map. Click to enlarge.

GPS Coordinate : N3 05.201 E101 39.269

CNY Dinner @ Cheow Yang Restaurant, PJ Sec 19

Again another dated stuff... it has been a busy short month, carrying myself with sickness throughout the past 3 weeks, with tremendous stress at work... oh gosh... hope it will over soon.

Anyway, wish to blog this out as soon, to thank my uncle and family at PJ, who had always treated us good food and dinners for the past couple of years, I guess for almost the past 10 years.

Remembering it was the last weekend of CNY, when most people are still busy celebrating around. We brought ourselves to Cheow Yang Restaurant, near Rothmans roundabout, opposite British American Tobacco. It was the previous furniture mall Fella Design, when I was still staying in PJ Sec 17.

Well, though I had started to feel ill that weekend, I still need to draw myself there. Observing the restaurant, I was impressed by their setup. Unlike normal Chinese restaurant which normally colored themselves in red and yellowish lighting. This particular restaurant has its main hall colored in bright white lighting, plus some colorful stylish lights.

However, we got ourselves into a room instead, where the setup is quite traditional Chinese look. Observing their napkin, I remembering seeing this cloth where most people will take it as curtain or cushion cover. The idea having it as napkin seems creative and nice.

Aunt and Uncle ordered a 10 course CNY dinner with the package of RM888++ if not mistaken. Dishes were all great, especially the lobster dish below. Unfortunately, I had very bad sore throat that day. The spicy lobster meat had eventually killed my taste bud and ruined my throat. I still remember that feeling.

Next of my favourite is roasted piglet (乳猪)... Taken picture of it in various style. However, cousin found the taste was not very promising, seems to have kind of heavy meaty smell.

Lastly were their dessert, some call it ma-lai-kou (Malay kuih) and Black Sesame Tong Yun (汤圆).

GPS Coordinate : N3 06.913 E101 37.665

Address : 16, Jalan 19/1, Petaling Jaya Selangor
Contact No : 03 7956 1218 , 03 7955 1218
Business Hour : Daily Lunch and Dinner Time

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shopping @ Labuan - Wet & Dry Market

I know I know.. this is a dated post. It has been a while since I got back from my hometown. Being stressed and tied up with work these days, had brought me out of the mood to blog. Well, weekend is back again, its' time for me to work on my own stuff, those 1001 things I would like to do.

Obviously, Labuan is a seafood rich island. What a treasure for someone like me, been out from the island working in a valley city which seems hard to get fresh deep water seafood.

So, let me tour you around the wet market of Labuan. Situated very close to the Handicraft market. Seasonal fishes, here are what I saw during the last CNY.

Cuttlefish + Tenggiri (what's name in English?)

Fish monger slicing my Tenggiri & a dolphine like Stingray?

Stingray & giant cuttlefish

Puffer fish & Shell

What else special can you get from the dry market? Practically we usually call this Malay market and the permanent location was under renovation, its now just a temporary place.

Local specialties listed as below:

Belacan Papar? Never know Papar ( a place near KK ) is famous of its belacan.

Jering - this is something I ate before when I was young. Almost similar to the family of petai. Nice to be eaten with old coconut grain plus sugar.

This one of the left is call Buah Tarap, this is among something will never been seen by the West Malaysians. Its a kind of fruit, just like Nangka (jack fruit) or Cempedak. But it is famous among the Sabahan. The one on the right is obviously Durian, wild type of Durian from the jungle.

Hope you would enjoy the tour.. haha..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

CNY Celebration or Valentine's Day?

Today is Feb 14., the ever famous commercial Valentine's day! However, at a corner of my residential area, Kota Kemuning Shah Alam, there is a Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration party organized by the local municipal council, Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA).

Some might be asking.... aren't we had end CNY last Monday? Exactly the same question I had asked. Seeing this red banner around the roundabouts entering our residential area, though it was just a simple Happy New Year by xxxxx banner. To be honest, the banner was too small and not capturing enough attention. Cautious drivers might not even had spot a single word on it.

Anyway, they still able to draw the crowds to the hall. This time round, much more foods were prepared and it's all free. Heard they had caterred about 3000pax of food. Herbaline health spa and its eloha concept restaurant provided foods like mini nasi dagang, salads and muffins.

Here's the hall and banner cum backdrops. Can you read any wordings from the Ox picture?
Please click and enlarge... tips : On your left is alphabetical words and right is Chinese words.

Still can't get it? LEFT : GONG XI FA CHAI & RIGHT : 恭喜发财

Oh ya.. anytime when you happen to bring yourself to such crowd and hall, do remember to bring a long a fan like this.. waahhaaa....

There were more than 30 lucky draw gifts were given out. Of course, we were one of the lucky one too... with the no. "11558" - in Cantonese means don't "fat"(prosperous)??? but still lucky enough to get the gift below. The grand prize was a Panasonic LCD TV!!

Guess what was it?


Lastly, there were fireworks presentations, lasted for about 5min. Managed to captured a few pictures below. Of course... with my free-hand style of photo capturing.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shopping @ Labuan - Handicraft Market

Guess most people who had been to Labuan, will only thinks of Duty Free Shops when it comes to shopping @ Labuan. Though, I admit we could see many Duty Free Shops, especially in the Mall as well as nearby areas of ferry jetties.

Probably only handicraft lovers will know that Labuan has its handicraft market too, guess the stall had exist since I was a kid. This market may be also known as Philippino market, as its selling item are mainly origin from Philippines. Anyhow, getting unique craft item like sea shells, pearls and so at this market place is not a bad idea too. Furthermore, its just located next to the main fresh market of the island.

So, what was our aim this time? It was to shop a gift for our friend's Birthday this month. We bought a sea shell decor stuff plus a string of pearl for own artwork. For ourselves, we have mini congkak, which cost only RM16 each, where its beads made of small lilshells. And, 2 set of lil shell-made curtains, which cost only RM18 for 2.

Here's what you can see in the stall.....

and this is the owner, auntie who also handmade her own accessories with pearls....

this is the stall no., in case you are also a craft lover....

Other stalls around are those like this, selling unique antique or traditional items like Keris, rings, and other accessories.

Besides handicraft, I had bought myself a pair of cloth for Baju Kurung / Baju Kebaya Labu or whichever name they give. Basically is Malay traditional cloths. I found the pair of cloth was quite nice, and most importantly it was cheap. It was only RM30 per pair. I bought a set and went couple of shops next door to tailor it. Talking about tailor, you could get more than 10 stalls who tailor these Malay wear. I observed around and choosed the one which I like most... tailor fee cost me RM38.