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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shopping @ Labuan - Wet & Dry Market

I know I know.. this is a dated post. It has been a while since I got back from my hometown. Being stressed and tied up with work these days, had brought me out of the mood to blog. Well, weekend is back again, its' time for me to work on my own stuff, those 1001 things I would like to do.

Obviously, Labuan is a seafood rich island. What a treasure for someone like me, been out from the island working in a valley city which seems hard to get fresh deep water seafood.

So, let me tour you around the wet market of Labuan. Situated very close to the Handicraft market. Seasonal fishes, here are what I saw during the last CNY.

Cuttlefish + Tenggiri (what's name in English?)

Fish monger slicing my Tenggiri & a dolphine like Stingray?

Stingray & giant cuttlefish

Puffer fish & Shell

What else special can you get from the dry market? Practically we usually call this Malay market and the permanent location was under renovation, its now just a temporary place.

Local specialties listed as below:

Belacan Papar? Never know Papar ( a place near KK ) is famous of its belacan.

Jering - this is something I ate before when I was young. Almost similar to the family of petai. Nice to be eaten with old coconut grain plus sugar.

This one of the left is call Buah Tarap, this is among something will never been seen by the West Malaysians. Its a kind of fruit, just like Nangka (jack fruit) or Cempedak. But it is famous among the Sabahan. The one on the right is obviously Durian, wild type of Durian from the jungle.

Hope you would enjoy the tour.. haha..

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