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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cyberspace Footprints

Didn't have a great topic to start of my lil dreamer space, since I never ever had a good writing skills afterall. Lazy me - some who hates to read since young, thus I'd never ever been able to write in any language, neither English nor Chinese. But hey.. who cares, its the space of freedom to write.

Anyway, I don't intend to write anything personal in this blog, knowing that Cyberspace is not trustable. Not to say cyberfriends, anything "Cyber" may not trustable. But again, who cares... as long as you would have certain risk taking level to take on.

I used to like my old blogs in Multiply.com, coz its all locked down and I could write whatsoever there with the circle of friends of mine. Sharing photos, commenting on each others photos and writings, etc... sad to say, that blog of mine had been long ago abandoned. Kakiz had all gone all over the space, neglecting each others Multiply sides all together. due to personal reasons & visions.

Getting into an "open blog" like this will not be my permanent choice, as I am still a reserved person and would not think I will reveal personal opinion, lifestyles, etc... here. It's not my cup of tea, with the way I like to see proofs of footprints around at my blog.

But then, once a while shouting out publicly for stress release and public speaking practice, isn't it a good idea? Overall, I will be blogging on something general in the future - Creative thinking, Creative arts, Photography, Go Green environmental friendly stuffs, Organic foods, healthy lifesytle, cookings etc....

Till then... welcome to those happened to bump in here... let's see by when and how you'd able to catch me here... if you happened to.. do drop me a word or so.