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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Taiwan TaiTung - HuaLien Bicycle Trip (Part 2) March 2016

Day 2 cycling journey, started after a healthy and hearty breakfast. It was a sunny day in the morning. We did our group stretchecise, there we off. It was a hard ride with 7KM uphill road, some with significant climb. Our mind was all blogged with how hard the climb will be, many forgot to appreciate the nature and scenic scene at the 1st KM (Wushibi 烏石鼻 township - flat and downhill route). A shame! Except for a friend of mine, whom did stopped down and took a snap. 

(after note: its just about the same as a journey in life, start-stop, hard-easy, with the will and mindset, we will get it through... enjoy every moment in life! - it's my self reminder, BE THANKFUL & HAPPY with who you are and what you have)

Photo credit to a friend <3 td="">
I love the sun & sea, plus the blue skies!

Junction towards the uphill climb
I tried on the 1KM+ climb, but had to give up after some pestering due to the need of conserving energy for our remaining 60+KM ride to our next destination of the day. Our guide picked us up anytime along the way... though it wasn't just me. :) but I was quite sad... :( In fact, we have a total of 2 hours to complete this 7KM climb. Anyway, self note : there will be another time.

Location : 玉長公路

Guide dropped me and my bike at the peak of hill
Next was an easy ride in the tunnel 玉長隧道, for about 2KM before hitting a straight 7KM downhill ride.
We stopped by a native stall after getting out from the tunnel. Observing lots of local vegetables, fruits, etc which we hadn't seen before. A friend tried chewing on Pinang 檳郎, but ended up dizzy, instead had to omit the downhill ride. Tips : Never try chewing Pinang if you are a non-smoker, the "kick" could cause dizziness.

Local convenient stall
Pumpkin, preserved chilli, banana, etc

7KM downhil was fun, road was slightly narrow. Glad that our guide did gave us some tips before the ride, and proper techniques when pressing the breaks. My speedometer wasn't working during that ride, because the guide had placed the front wheel at its opposite angle. Too had, wasn't able to observe the speed.

Location : An Tong 安東
Right at the foot of hill, An Tong was a small township famous with its hot spring. Too bad, it's not our stop to relax our feet. In fact, it was our arms and wrists that need exercise, after the long downhill pressure. 安通溫泉飯店 An-Tong Hot Springs Resort

Journey continued, where we hit to the very own bicycle lane of An Tong. The place was an old train station and tracks were converted to dedicated bicycle lanes. It was too scenic that day, emptied bicycle lane, except us on it. We was in fact over our riding time for lunch. 

Old An Tong station, now bicycle society
Close mid-day, yet riding effortless
Paddy field
Dedicated bike lane 
It's ME 
Along that bicycle lane, we were honored to the statue where 2 earthquakes plates meet. The Eurasian and Philippine sea's plate. Of course, that became a pit stop for picture taking.

Earthquake plates meet

Lunch : Yu Li township's 玉里麵 - 張媽媽美食
Our guide's recommended lunch place wasn't open that day. So, we had to make our own judgement and hop in whichever shop we feel like it. We tried all noodle and dumpling they offered. It tasted good!

YiLi Noodle
Yam Dumpling, served with Coriander and sauce
After lunch, I quickly ran ride over to the opposite train station to collect my tourist stamp! :)
The ride after lunch as slightly bored. Long, cruise and ride with cross wind. Our pit stop was either 7-11 or now we had a small police station, they called 春日派出所

Quick stop with coffee
Another bicycle lane we went by, can't recall the name. Along the train track. It started to rain drizzling by 3pm. We stopped by a park entrance, if it didn't rain, we would surely do photos bomb.

Another bicycle lane track
Quick stop at a park entrance
Travelled close to 76KM that day! It was the longest route of the 3day expedition. We arrived at GuangFu 光復 township. There's where we had our stay - 砝溙岸。

Homestay at GuangFu
Dinner : Farm in 光復 - 欣綠農園
As it was raining that evening, we were all wet like the 1st day. No chance for us to change our cloths as it was too late in the evening, we had to just drop our bags and head straight to the dinner place. Transport was arranged by our guide. Had our 12 course dinner, all ranging from farm fish, fresh farm chicken, and lots more. We had a whole bucket of purple/red rice, no limit added rice.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring my phone a long that night. Hence, no picture for this meal. :)

Breakfast : Our homestay's breakfast was extremely simple. Even Americano coffee needs additional charges. No matter how simple the meal was, it's still the local styled plain porridge plus many times of little dishes.

Simple Breakfast
Paid Americano

Stay tune for Part 3. Till then.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Recipe - Crispy Cranberries Nuts(干果脆片饼)

A procrastinated cookie making post (it wasn't only the post, while I was supposed to test out this recipe since 2016 CNY)... see how procrastinating I am recently. I could not resist from posting this recipe, particularly necessary for future reference. Brought this to a family party last month, and it brought to my surprise that when it was finished up within hour.

Ingredients :-

Pumpkin Seeds 南瓜籽 250g
Almond Flakes 杏仁片 250g
Dried Cranberries 蔓月莓干 (diced) 50g
Florentina Caramel Mix 焦糖预拌粉 200g

Method :-

1) Get ready with 2 layers of baking sheets, one at the bottom of tray another on top of cookie batter 
2) Mix all above ingredients in the bowl (except cranberries)
3) Scoop a spoon of mixed ingredient on the baking sheet
4) Place diced cranberries ontop
5) Preheat oven, bake for 8-10min at 170 degree Celcius
6) Upon reaching out from oven, allow 1min for cookies to cool down, before scooping them off the tracy
7) Cool them on wired rack, before storing them into bottle 

Florentino Mix
Got this from bakering shop
Mix them well
Scoop them up 
Cooling down
Lovely & tasty end product