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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Red Box Puchong IOI Mall New Opening

Another short post of the day.... didn't have much energy to blog these days, blame it on a very stress work days I have along the work weekdays. Anyway, this may be part of an event planned for our group outings coming end-Jul or early-August period.

It has been a while since our 'outing' gangs gathered together for a sing-song Karaoke session. Believe we only have 1 session throughout the first half of 2009. Unlike previous years, we have our get-together like this almost every quarterly.

Friends, what about a gathering for our coming-back friend for her summer holiday, all the way from U.K. coming early August?

Had an opportunity to sign up for Red Box soft launch at IOI Mall, Puchong new wing last weekend. Had a discount voucher and their opening will be a month later, July 23 2009. The voucher will valid till August 21 2009, just nice for us.

Oh yah.. by the way, I was given a nice notepad and some pens upon signing up as their member. See all there :-)

Visit their official website, believe this new outlet will appear at their site soon!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bamboo Charcoal Bread (竹碳面包)

It's another blogging time... can't wait to release some tense here, welcoming the Friday nite... a long waited day of the week. Enjoyed facing 2 PCs at a time - one playing long collected TVB series, another one for blogging, and my mind was wondering and day-dreaming at a concurrent time.

What I had on my blog-Q?

This was my first time ever bought a blackie dark so called - Bamboo Charcoal Bread.

O.M.G. ! It looks as if the bread is full of mold. Don't you think so? But, you never try you'd never know how it taste. Indeed was nice and taste much better than plain white bread. Taste more like some organic flour made high quality home-made bread, definitely unlike those mass-produced Gardenia bread.

I googl'ed around and tried to find out what is the real ingredient for the bread. Unfortunately, I am yet to fully understand its real source. Some has defined Bambo Charcoal as the real charcoal made out of bambo, which could reduce the amount of environment pollution.

Some had said its made of a popular healthy ingredient, which has been popular in Japan. According to Goodbites NST, this is what they describe the ingredient...

"The edible charcoal is made from the Moso bamboo which is naturally black in colour. It’s first carbonised over high heat, then ground into powder before mixed into the bread dough with sunflower seeds. They claim it can prevent cancer. "

Where did I get this? ... well, its the oldest bread shop in Kota Kemuning, Four Seasons Bakery Shop, same row as Kota Kemuning POS office.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chen Fu Ji (陳福記) Noodles House @ Singapore Changi T2

Opps... I am ending my Singapore posts with another food blog.. Sorry to post on food blogs, friends who are overseas today must be drooling for my ability to taste local foods around the corner.

Anyway, this won't be a huge post... posting some interesting dishes or those worth trying. A colleague and I were hunting for dinner before our departure time. Bumped into a Chinese restaurant and so happened I would wish to have something light, noodle will be a good choice.

We both looked into the menu... here we went on with our choice...

Saw this particular interest menu - Coffee Pork Ribs?? hmmm... wonder how it taste.

I ordered the Laksa Seafood Noodle and friend had her choice of gravy bihun. We shared a plate of vegetable as well as a basket of siu-mai.

Here's the setup of restaurant... nothing special in fact.

3 Hours Sight Seeing Tour @ Singapore

Special thanks to a friend, whom brought me around for a merely 3 hours sight seeing tour at Singapore downtown, hitting their current cutting edge and state-of-art tourist attraction places. Both are very new to me...

1) Marina Barrage
According to its official site, the barrage is built on mouth of Marina Channel, with the 3 most important reason - Water Supply, Flood Control and Lifestyle Attraction. Indeed, besides the all complicated technology implanted there, I could see the barrage is utilized as families and tourists for a get-together, family outings, etc...

Browsing the official site's photo gallery, you could find a huge artificial upgrounded park, carpeted with greenery and I could find people playing KITES !!! my favourite one lately ;P

2) Singapore Flyer

Another newly launched Eye-of-Singapore, merry-go-round thingy somewhere last year. It's in a capsule... which could bring one up into the skies, across the wheel somewhat 360 degree. I didn't had the chance to try out the ride.... may be some other time will make an effort.

Seems its today the world's largest observation wheel.

Around the corners at the wheel, there are lots of restaurants for dining, without failed, there was a small lil upgrounded park too.. just above its multi stories car park, next besides the flyer.

Alright... that's all of our quick tour at Singapore this time round. Thanks friend.

A Stay @ Hilton Singapore, June 15-17 2009

It has been almost 7 years since I last stayed at Hilton Singapore. I will always remember the day I last stayed at this hotel, it was on September 11, 2002.. when I checked myself into the hotel that nite, ~9pm+ local Singapore time... That was when the unbelievable incident happened at New York city, and the security over at both KLIA and Changi was surprisingly tight the time I depart and arrive at both airport. I received a call from hubby when I was in the taxi on the ride from Changi airport to hotel. I turned on the TV and found a repeating news on CNN and other channels... On the very next morning class, the mood of everyone was rather doomed, unconcentrate, worried, etc... as we were told not to return back to KL on the next day, as travel restrictions via air has been in placed.... having no choice, we were all worries and making cellphone calls to arrange to extra day of accommodation, and very unfortunate Hilton was fully booked at that time. Some of us then had to changed hotel, and taken a VIP bus instead, which brought ourselves back to KL on the following day.

... an unforgetable event I had at that time... almost 7 years later, I checked in back to the same hotel, since my regular stay hotel was fully booked.

Without much expectation, this time round they had refurbished their guest room. It had been rather 'modern' look, and I like the simple yet bright setup of the room. Although the room is rather smaller than the one I used to have at Grand Hyatt Sinagopre, I would say I quite like it for a short stay, as most of my item are reachable within a few steps :P

Next was their toiletries... rather remind me of my last stay almost 3 years ago at Hilton Post Oak, Galleria Houston, US. .. and the alarm clock reminded me the same too... believe most Hilton would have the similar items.

One more thing I just happened to notice on my last night stay, while I was surfing. I found there were TV input available on my work desk. Just nice if we would have players to project them out to the LCD TV. By the way, the room was equipped with DVD player too!

Here's the view from my window... kind of greenish, made me feel much better in the morning. Without failed, my business trip will always accompanied with some fruits; strawberry was my choice this time round, as its the smallest I could finish within 3 days.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick shop, breeze walk & dinner @ Vivo City, Singapore

Some might knew I had my training (again) at Singapore earlier this week. It has been just a while since my last visit, but each visit had been kinda rush as my schedule and mind will be fully occupied with course material.... unlike most other training courses, both my trainings require me to complete an exam at the end of each course !!!! Gimme a break...

I planned to blog this even earlier on the night when I touched down, was even worry one might perceive me as 'Kiasu' as being so efficient in blogging - ya, I know I was at KiasuLand, can't help it much. But, it showed that I don't have much time to do so... ended up with the post only done today, Friday, the end of the week.... after my working hour :P

My schedule went just nice when I touched down last Sunday afternoon about 545pm @ Hilton Singapore. Headed immediately to Vivo City, where I need to meet my sis for dinner. I shopped for merely 1 hour for my intended work shoe, made a choice and decided just in few minutes - that was fast! Then, I went on and had nothing else in my mind to shop....

I so headed up to the top floor of Vivo City... I remember given a tour to this newly mall sometime 3 years ago, and I was introduced to their uniquely construct pool, which public could soak their legs in the pool after getting tired walking in the mall. The pool is just about the same like KLCC park, but its constructed with wooden flooring. Interestingly enough, I could see people been lying, picnic'ing around with families, pak-to'ing (dating) with their other half's, foreign workers miggling with their friends, single who are alone like me were wondering around enjoying the view and breeze, since they have views facing Sentosa island.

Some pictures below explains.

Pier/harbour... where Ferry to Batam island anchor...

Cable car to Sentosa island...

Under constructions Sentosa park/casino by Genting.

Pool at Vivo city... they call it Park Land if not mistaken.

Enjoying my breeze walk around.... observing every motion of people around, kinda imaging myself back at Yarra River at Melbourne on a chilling evening, back at Kota Kinabalu Likas Bay when I had outing with my ex-classmates, or having 'someone' with me chit-chatting all nite long... :)

Alright, I then met up my sis and we headed to a Chinese restaurant by the name of Dian Xiao Er (店小二). It seems famous of its Duck dish. We made an order of a set dinner for 3, it was kinda worth it... total 4 dishes + 1 soup each, cost only SGD$58++ (excluding tax, tidbits and tea). The dishes comprised all below - lotus root soup, vegetable, black pepper pork rib, steamed fish and roasted herbal duck. Both pork rib and herbal duck was fantastic... but the person who treat wasn't too enjoy... blame it on the spicy black pepper of the rib... haha!

The official restaurant website - http://www.dianxiaoer.net/

Anyway, thanks to the someone who treated me dinner (again) :P

Tang-kui herbal roasted duck...

Series of duck's head.....

Treasure Hunt @ Kota Kemuning - July 19, 2009 (Sunday)... come & join !

Believe I do have a great population of readers from Kota Kemuning, or rather staying around Klang Valley. Here's a great news, especially if you are a 'die-hard' Treasure Hunters.

Welcome to a great event jointly organized by Persatuan Penduduk Kota Kemuning (PPKK) and Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA). The event was founded in conjunction with the 10th year anniversary of PPKK since the setup of our Kota Kemuning township.

(Click picture to enlarge)

For further details, please refer to the attached flyer. If you are interested or need further clarification, please feel free to contact any of the organizers attached above. Or email to ppkk[dot]treasure[dot]hunt[at]gmail[dot]com.

For those who are interested, kindly drop the organizer an email and registration form will be emailed to you. Kindly visit http://foxtaileventz.blogspot.com.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

古早味滑滑板面 Pan Mee Stall @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Sorry! It's another food blog, I need to complete my blogging mission before I drain off all those food blog pictures off to the recycle bin.... though it was a dated post, I tasted this newly open food stall somewhere 1+ month ago, far before my visit to the famous Kin Kin Pan Chilli Mee.

There are lots of good food around Bandar Puteri Puchong, or Puchong as a whole. I have been visiting these places recently, god knows why.... well, the answer will reveal in another less than a month.

Supposedly its a coffee shop/hawker style and its main stall serves varieties of Pan Mee (flat noodle made of flour). On their signboard, these are the famous favour.

Here you go below... first of all is the original favour, next is the seafood curry favour.

Also, if you miss Ipoh White Coffee, this coffee shop serves nice Ipoh White Coffee. In fact, the owner origin from Ipoh.

Location :
The Unique Taste Restaurant (古早味滑滑板面)
59, Jalan Puteri 5/16, Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong, Selangor

Tel : 016-993 8893 / 016-909 8883

"Twins" (孖仔) Chee Cheong Fun @ Menglembu Ipoh

Another newly discovered food around Menglembu, our usual place for wet marketing stuffs. Surfed around food blog and found this particular coffee shop sells famous Chee Cheong Fun (CCF), a type of Chinese Rice Noodle roll.

Why does it call 'Twins', I noticed the CCF is kinda thick. Why does it so famous? Well, the sauce was special, type of sourly type of curry.... plus it comes with vege and most importantly - pig's skin!!! I still remember a friend of mine who ever ate so many pieces of pig's skin during a shabu-shabu (Japanese Steamboat) dinner.... she might ever ended with a dream of pig skin as a blanket... hahah.. :))

By the way, the stall only starts its business merely from 12noon onwards. The trent we notice is, food stall at Menglembu only opens for lunch. There are not many choices for morning breakfast or brunch, especially for those famous food. Noon onwards till evening, there are a lot more choices.

Restaurant Wing Kat Fong. GPS Coordinate : N4 33.952 E101 02.727
Click map for enlarge view.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Titiwangsa Roadside Hawker Stall (糖水街), Ipoh

Next on the list, was dessert time !!! In fact we have had a fulfilling dinner that night, we then headed on to Ipoh Parade for 'air-conditioner' since the weather was extremely hot that weekend. Further opposite Ipoh Parade is Sam Tet School and just opposite Sam Tet Primary school there are 2 main Hawker centers. One of it is Man U hawker center, another one along the roadsite apparently is called Titiwangsa. Initially I have no idea what was it called, not until I checked on MFM map.

Understand this particular hawker center is famous of its dessert. 2 main stall you must remember, No. 33 is famous of its fruity A.B.C., named after Ais-Batu-Kacang (ice blended fruit mix). Another stall is No. 18, which is famous of its pork intenstine porridge... yummy! Especially for those porkie lover out there, I have known at list 2-3 of them :)

Unfortunately we ordered from a wrong stall for our ABC, reason because we didn't know the owner was from a different stall. But then, its fine as we noticed most the stall's serving are the same, most probably it may be different from its taste... we will surely go to the right stall again next time round.

Here were the crowd along the hawker stalls.

ABC from stall no. 30.... start from a front view... piles of fruits like papaya, nana-de-coco, jackfruits, etc...

Then the back view, there are dragon fruits, watermelon (rounded), honey dew (rounded), mango, lychee, peanuts and jelly.

Ice cream from the top view... RM3.8o for a bowl.

and finally the complete view.

At stall no. 18, its porridge time. Fried pork intestine is one of my favourite too! They seems to advertise the fried stuff by hang those at the stall.

Here's the location. GPS coordinate N4 35.735 E101 05.237 and map, click to enlarge.

and finally is the night view at one of the main road, if not mistaken is Jalan Sultan Iskandar. Someone out there, kindly correct me if I am wrong. As I have never been driving in Ipoh town, could get totally lost if I do so.