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Monday, November 26, 2012

Stickers VS Emoticons

While clearing up my old junks at home, I stumbled into some old stickers I had collected since kid days. These below was rather attractive and still usable stickers.

These reminded me of the electronic 'stickers' we have been such used to these days - the emoticon! Shows how gadget changed our lifestyle :)

Transparent Stickers

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stamps! My childhood collection

Went through some stacks of childhood collections back home now.. Cherish the lovely yet innocent childhood memories.

It wasn't my 1st top in the list hobby at that time. While it was mainly some part of school curriculum, that thought us what about stamp collection. My aunt back from the West did passed me some good value stamps, inherited from the old Malaya days. They probably even elder than my age. It was fun looking through those old stamps, reminded me the era when I was wondering where such exotic places, I.e. Zambia was...
Special collections
Exotic Places Stamps
My Neighboring Country - Brunei
China - My Grandparents wrote back to their  relatives
Neighboring Singapore
London, where my Aunt was
Old Stamp Book - Inherited from my Aunt or my Dad
My 1st Stamp Book!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Horse Riding Experience, Apr 2012

Yet, it was way before the Gangnam Style exist... I had my 1st trial on the horse. Earlier thought it can be an easy exercise, unfortunately some made me quit from this....

  • Waiting for a horse availability (washed and so) can be extensively long, I felt the heat if it wasn't 7-8am in the morning.
  • Horse dunk can be smelly! Iew...
  • Getting up the horse can be a challenge for me... blame it on my inflexible body :(
  • It can be fun on the horse, but I wouldn't sure when the horse will get mad of me and throw me down on the ground, hence.. it's never an easy ride. I need to pay a lot attention while I was up there

Horses are though animal, I would prefer Pony (hihi, reminds me of my Pony Tail). But Pony ride is only available for kids.
Meal time 
The Horses Home
白馬王子?White Horse 
Spa or shower time... our weather is too hot.

As a result, I didn't get too far from the 1st lesson of horse riding at Denai Alam Equestrian Club. Added to the 1st trial, I only been there twice. But let's see what 'safety' measure equipment I have invested?

For Sale - 1 time used Horse Riding Hat
M Sized, Conrich Red Velvet 
CRH-05 Medium, its model 
The chap - To wrap on lower tights, up to knee (unused)
The  chap - Size L (Black) 
Used (1 time) red glove
Glove - Size M
PM me at purpledee929[at]gmail.com in case if you are interested to inherit my humble horse riding basic safety item. Special discount can be arranged :)

Interesting enough, within the same year of 2012, I have transformed into another outdoor activity which require about the same set of safety equipment... will blog on them when I have the time. What's important now is to clear these items from house, in conjunction with the up coming Spring Cleaning year end 2012 activity.

Till then.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Avon Fighting Brest Cancer Walk, Sep 23 2012

This is a dated post. Just realized I have tones of unprocessed photos in my MBP, been lack of time and energy to blog these days. Anyway, this ain't a special event that capturing deep into my memory. I rather blog them out before I washed it away from my memory, at least I knew I have done a 5KM walk before.

The event wasn't a great one, as we waited at the starting point for more than 2 hours! Poor time management, I would say. Overall, the setup was fine and organized. Goodie bag was good, as that was where I've got a bandana, actually quite useful for some outdoor activity (will blog soon).

I like pink! True enough, the t-shirt and baloon were all in pink. It made me felt dizzy, for the 1st time. Capturing my experience that morning... well, it was a slow walk after all the wait, sun was shiny and hot, there's where I felt sunburn and went covering my face with the bandana instead.

Putrajaya Precinct 3 was a nice place. I enjoy the walk and view with nice modern buidings. Wish I have a bike that time, that I could go round and round the place. Taking more time in taking pictures with my DSLR. Oh my camera! He has been in the closet for such a long time, sad. :(

Series of pictures below, self explainable. And, by the way I started to use RunKeeper to trace and capture my walk on my smartphone, it works! (of course it works...)

The free baloon
Starting Point @ Palace of Justice
Baloon off the skies
My NB running shoe
the Crowd
Stress Free?
Stretching time
Horse! Thought I would ride on those
Time for food

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dentist @ BP Healthcare, Glenmarie

Teeth are precious! A glorious smile won't just shines the day or others, but one's inner feel too. Though I had never wear braces (in fact my mom had tried to approach me for many many years), yet I am still against it.

I am glad my crooked tooth ain't too obvious, thank God for that. I still needed some effort in maintaining my teeth and gum, making sure they are healthy well all times. Half yearly check up is a must!

Unfortunate for me, most of my dental visit lasted me with 50min (or even past 60min) wait & 10min of scaling/consultation.

My experience changes lately, with my 1st visit to BP healthcare's newly establish Dental service at Glenmarie. Wait was barely 5min, and consultation with scaling took me 50min. If you are someone whom have great patient and wishfully interested to know more of your own teeth, available dental services in the market today, how to keep teeth and gum healthy, etc.. It was an eye opener for me. Having able to see own teeth through snap shots from a dentist camera somewhat impressed me (mind me, I probably been kept to the old fashioned dentist all these while).

This was the snap shot of before-after of my teeth. :) *wink smile*

Appointment can be made online here. It was rather simple, while their staff will call you up for appointment booking. 

BP Healthcare - Glenmarie Branch
1, Jalan Pendaftar U1/54, Section U1,
Temasya @ Glenmarie, 40150 Shah Alam.
Tel: 603-5569 9996
Official Website : http://www.bphealthcare.com/