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Saturday, March 26, 2016

YE 2015 - Last ride of the year, with AirBnB experience and foodie trip

Hello Purpledee! It has been a while since I last wrote. While I thought my only pending trip write up was for early 2016, just realized I was wrong! There was another good trip we had, went alongside with Penang Second Bridge ride event, on Dec 20th, 2015.

Our 1st food stop would naturally be Ipoh. A nice old town with so much of food to explore.

Ipoh 新源峰茶餐室 SunYinFong @ Ipoh Old Town

Local CheeCheongFun and Poached egg was nice 
Kuala Sepetang - Quick stopover to check out the Charcoal factory. Apparently, it had been very commercially flooded with tour buses compared to 4 years ago. No picture.

TaipingLarut Matang Hawker Centre
Simple meal. We decided to eat tiny with great quantity. Lol.

Tall ice & Indian Mee
TaipingRestaurant Ansari Famous Cendol
Since I don't fancy ice stuff, this wasn't my bowl of cendol.

Cendol for cooling down
Kuala Kurau - No picture taken. It was just a quick de-tour to pick up fresh salted duck eggs. We bought at least 3 boxes! Kiasu.

Nibong Tebal Night Owl Homestay
A place we don't usually stop by, but this time we stayed over this small township. Thanks to AirBnB, I am very pleased to have a homey place to stay over, especially when we have have a little baby came along accompanying, home with basic/almost full facilities like kitchen, TV, utensils and lots more certainly helpful for the mom.

As we took up the whole house, 3 rooms. We only occupied 2. It was a themed owl setup, the owner stayed just next door, it was a single story traditional terrace house.

Our mission was to have less than 20min drive to Batu Kawan stadium.

Neat & clean homestay 
The owner, available direct or via AirBnB

Nibong Tebal Swee Garden 瑞園海鮮飯店

Good choice of seafood meal by the local, our warm host where the other gang put up with. I didn't take any other dishes photo that night, as they all turned out yellowish due to the street lighting. Yes, we were sitting in the middle of the road.

Overall, food was good, but slightly long wait. Price was not extremely cheap, comparable to some inland Penang restaurants.

steamed octopus
Batu Kawan Stadium - Towards Penang Second Bridge Toll Plaza
This fun ride bicycle event was not crowded, as compared to the Penang round island, CFAL. Ride was easy tipsy except towards the U-turn when a little upwards and yet needed to go anti-wind direction.
Penang 2nd Bridge Ride 
Yes, this I finished

Bagan Lalang, ButterworthOng Cheng Huat Seafood (王清发海鲜 - 椰脚)
Had our lunch before heading into the island. This restaurant had lost their authentic under-the-coconut tree feel, as compared my last visit. They have renovated. All dishes are standards with no special varieties. Honestly, its tasty especially the soury steamed fish. The spring chicken (童子鸡) was nice too.

Georgetown, Karpal Singh DriveMaritime Suite
Checked in another AirBnB stay, it's a converted SoHo suite. 6 pax unit, 2 rooms with another set of beds at the living room (it sounded wrong). I wasn't impress with this. First of all, the mailbox method of getting house key and getting to their car park has been ever confusing. Though, the owner made a youtube guided tour for their guest, if only the pace can be a little slower.. haha.

Uncivilized residence

Coffee Time Bricklin Bar Cafe
I chose this place, as it was an old bus depot, namely Hin Bus Depot. It was a challenging place to hit into, especially when Penang day parade was just on the same street. Parking was challenge too, though we were lucky enough to get one.

Red latte - I will never order this anymore, unless I crave for Teh Boh. Oh dear, it has been a teh tarik with milk foam art on it. Surrounding of the cafe has some other corner to explore, great art street, another cafe, as well as art exhibition corner.

Tavern in the Park - Another corner of Hin Bus Depot. Very nice glass house. I was rather attracted by the 2-in-1 fish pond with recycled watering system for the herb plants. Very "green" concept. Obviously, I dream to own one!

Dinner Everyday Supreme Seafood 天天魚翅海鮮大酒樓
Meeting with the sis-in-law and little niece for dinner. Nice restaurant with somewhat Chinese and local Nyonya delicacies. Pork wrapped and Assam Fish lai-fun a.k.a. rice noodle was special.

Assam Fish laifun
BreakfastAir Itam Market Annex Food Court
Exploring hawker food in Penang is a must. Ever corner they would have established hawker center. If unsure, head to the wet market corner, you won't go wrong.

Prawn Mee a.k.a. Hokkien Mee
Coffee Again, before heading home - ChinaHouse
Look at the variety of cakes! You will go crazy and wish you have a huge appetite. It was hard to choose, had to go according to the recommendations.

Lots of cakes 
Nice deco 
A mix of lunch + tea.. over for Chicken hor fun. The noodle was good, but I don't fancy the chicken. Still prefer the night long waiting Buntong Chicken place.

Ipoh.. will be coming up next. As we returned to the town exactly 2 weeks later. :)