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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Taiwan Annual Cycling Trip Down South - March 2017 (Part 1)

I have been procrastinated,  yes! A long waited until I thought of arranging my pictures and memories back on it once again. It was a yearly event and long awaited for our selves own type of vacation. Life been a little hectic when I discovered I will need to get onto a business trip half cross the globe prior to this trip.

Glad that I was able to meet the group at Taipei airport, even though I needed to wait for half a day. Toured around both Termina 1 and 2, up and downs, discovered many places I won't usually hangout when arriving to a country's airport.

We managed to ride on the brand new MRT from TaoYuan airport to Taipei main station. It was pre-launch free ride, but it was kind of rush as it ended its service by 4pm.

Hello Kitty heaven
First destination upon arrival. Food hunting at

Raohe St. Night Market

It was raining :(
Favoured bun

proper sit down dinner
I couldn't recall where did we stay for one night in Taipei, or we didn't?

Following day, we took the train from Taipei all the way to YuLi (玉里) where we started our cycling journey. Arrived around early noon time. We headed for the noodle we tasted last year. YuLi noodle at 張媽媽美食

Journey begun with gloomy and rainy track. We cycled passed this track before, but it was at a different direction, we went South this time.

YuLi Cycling track
Pit stop for coffee

Beautiful paddy field
Our day 1 ended at GuanShan (關山). A very small town and I was exhausted that night, didn't join the group for 7-11 convenient store exploring. GuanShan is famous for bento, we had bento for dinner! 關山便當


Our stay at 東籬緣民宿 
Nothing great, as the township is extremely small. Cant expect more.

We continued our day 2 cycling journey, towards TaiTung (台東).
Fruits and food exploration become and point of exploration. 

Huge custard apple
This lunch place was the highlighted of the trip. Super like their local dishes, plus the lards topped plain rice served.

--- Trip became unpleasant --- :(

Nevertheless, we moved on and continued with food. When things get unpleasant, most situation could had turned sourish. I was glad, I did handled them all with patience.

The following dinner was a treat by our returning host. The bike company owner and our trip organiser. We finally had a chance to meet him in person (as he was away the last trip).


Chicken was their specialties
Day 3 begun. Nice weather and beach where we supposed to go the previous day evening. We made it right the morning, as the blue sky was extremely nice. ... and my bike was on the car track instead... I skipped the day journey.

First stop for the day, ice cream stall. All kinds of local ice cream were sold here.


Had lunch somewhere around, LuRouFan (滷肉飯) is something that will not go wrong!


Day 3 stay was at a hot spring resort at JinLun (金崙) stay  It was a family run private resort. Room was so-so, but the weather and hot spring facilities was alright. Breakfast served in brown bag.


Brown bag breakfast
Did I resumed cycling on Day 4? Couldn't remember, but there was some climb towards XuHai (旭海).... but I remember I didn't made it up to SouKa, it was No.9 road's tip climb.


Our Day 4 accommodation was at a place even remote than the previous places.


Lovely stone beach

In fact all dishes we had this fern as vegetable, namely 山蘇
Simple seafood dishes. No other choice, no other restaurant around.


seafood dinner
On the way walking back to our homestay, no 7-11 nor Family mart. We went straight into a village convenient store manned by an old couple. Start exploring local junk food! 

Local mamee
That's all for part 1... stay tune.