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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Love my Life - The Power of Hugs

* Opss... this had been a prolonged blog hidden under my other drafts. Until recently a visiting friend from abroad mentioned about hugs! *

Come the end of 2013, its another reflection moment. Everyone has gone through a lot over the year, but not everyone is able to stop, think, observe and reflect on own self. Setting a clear goal to move forward for a better 2014. Love my Life - It's going to be my goal for a better tomorrow, spiritually all through my inner soul.

I kept observing others over the years, telling myself perhaps its a good step to document down my own thoughts. It may help others to "think" the same way, even if it's not a perfect way.

Being brought up in a conservative Chinese family made me feel odd in giving hug to any one else, except own partner and family members. With the effect of close buddies leaving from my routine life, gatherings with a few long time neighborhood friends, made our bonding gone closer, thus it is very unusual for us to not having warm arm hugs each time we meet and apart. My observation went on with my recent overseas business trip to the West. A face to face meet with those we have been working for the past 1 year, it was such an auto move for us to hug when we meet, and we had a stronger hug when we are about to be parted. The feeling was warm, some with the pad at the back of our shoulder. It was funny, there was a public character I have been following through FB, asked this before "why would someone pad your back in a hard way when they hug?". Haa... it sounded funny, but there might be a reason. Same goes when someone shakes your hand, he/she would have done it  stronger than others. I didn't follow the answer though, but obviously the meaning of body language could trace its meaning somewhere.

Read this from another article of mind body green - Top 10 Reasons to give more hugs. From emotional to bio-chemistry and phycology, obviously the effect is great in bonding. It reduces one's stress, by padding one shoulder could give more strength to one another. Don't you think so?

There was another article I stumbled upon couple of days ago, it was about close mind & body controls. It mentioned how our mind could control upon our painful body section. Article was about - Emotion Pain Chart. Check out the chart and more write up from the article. How I could relate this all together with hugs, certainly it made some sense out of it. An arm hug gives us joyous experience in life, and of course with full of moral and emotional support, feeling loved too.

Long story short, my take out from this chart, it's useful to remind my own self to have a positive mindset in order to look forward for a painless body. Our mind could control every part of our body, and of course regular exercise with determination helps.

Excerpt from http://fractalenlightenment.com

Love your body, love your mind, love your soul. Have a healthy year 2014 ahead. Cheers and have a big hugs to all my lovely friends and readers out there. Love ya all! :)