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Saturday, April 24, 2010

正在追看 - 《偷心大聖PS男》!

近来,放弃看TVB电视集了!看来看去,都没有新鲜感。就转看了台湾偶像剧吧~!(*^__^*) 嘻嘻…… 开始看了偷心大聖PS男!喜欢上了漂亮的构图,大景色,美女,还有PS男。。。什么是PS男呢?哈哈,看了就知道,就那些自以为是,有才华,但又讨人厌的男人!就人常说的 “男人不坏,女人不爱”。。。

同时,也认识了刘若英(奶茶)的新专辑, 里的 《我们没有在一起》。。。


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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Bangkok Post, March 25 - 28 2010

Hello there... don't get me wrong, I am not a newspaper reporter :P Probably it's due to the everyday Bangkok RED news, which captured my attention of a newspaper. As most of you know, the REDs had been flooding Bangkok city recently. I was lucky enough as the weekend when I was there, nothing much had happened since they have not went into disagreement. Streets were occasionally clear, except on the Friday night which we were trapped in a taxi of the nothing unusual traffic jam.

Here's the REDs at Ekkamai station on the Saturday morning.

I was terribly sick, having to walk myself along the ever dusty Bangkok street... thank god I have my mask with me, wrapping myself with a shawl, walking with my bag pack and my pair of Nike free shoes. The feeling wasn't good, after my Uphamol taken effect... I have been continuously on the pain killer, gosh... 1st time in many years I had taken so much of pain killer pills. No choice as I wish to continue my journey, wouldn't want to waste my air ticket just to stay home and sleep. Good thing was - I stayed in a homey place this time round... easy access to additional vitamins, medicines, herbal teas, etc...

Authentic Thai food has been always a must for my visit to Thailand. Food journey started with a Wan Ton Mee with "real" crab meat... taste wise was so-so, it could be due to my mood rather. That was we had our meal at a hawker stall of one of the soi at Sukhumvit. It had been always great to taste local delicacies in the way they do.

We had random meals most the time while we walked along. I even got hungry on a day, which I didn't had breakfast because I couldn't get off the bed - I felt extremely weak till the noon, which I have to drag myself off and to the nearest 7-11.

As day past, I got slightly better. We then had 2 great and huge meals (well treated hmmmm...) on the day before we left. First was the 9pm dinner we had, which led us to a very full tummy just before going to bed. I didn't border to take down this Chinese Restaurant name, its along Rama IV road. We had great Tom Yum, Oyster Egg, curry crabs, and 4 huge Mantis Prawn. Look at the pictures below, isn't it great. Yeah, was great and shocked too... the fried Mantis prawn cost us a bomb! It was 1,760Baht for 4 of these! It had taken the share of 60% of all foods we had. Oh dear..

On the very next morning, we have brunch (Breakfast + Lunch) at one go... this created another of my Purple's record! We had German pork knuckle for brunch!! I have had a lot of pork knuckle these days, but never had one at 11AM! Indeed was a filling brunch ever, we had breakfast sets, chicken pie, and a Thai dessert namely pok-pok, haha... it was papaya salad with sticky rice. Everything was good, thanks thanks. I felt a little wasteful for the pork knuckle, as it should be nicely fit during happy hour hangout in a nice ambiance cafe / pub.... hmmm.... can't wait for one these days.

A visit to Thailand will never complete without their ever famous Thai traditional massage. We we brought to a new place (at least for us, who used to visit Health Land before). 禅 Lavana Bangkok is the place, very near Shareton Grande at Sukhumvit. Just next to the famous Cabbages & Condom Restaurant. Check out their website for further info. 550baht for 90 minutes per pax, can be a little pricey from the normal massage center, but I do find it relaxing to be at such pampering place, good choice.

Mind my writings here, as I have been more in-to my private blog. Sensibly and emotion stumble me is trying hard to achieve a balance in my life, but seems my soul had lost somewhere down the pathway.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

DIY - Furoshiki Gift Wrapping, an eco friendly way

I was introduced to this type of eco-friendly tag for gift wrapping lately. Furoshiki has been a common way used by the Japanese in food wrapping. This made me miss Japan, again... sigh!

Recycle, reuse, and most importantly by using cloth could avoid further waste on gift wrapper or gift boxes, not until we make good full use of them for other purposes. I guess I am into table cloths lately, and soon with this idea, I will be out there shopping for pieces of cloths, ready for any-time gift wrapping.

See video below... it's worth while a try, if you believe in saving our mother nature, reduce waste!

Furoshiki gift wrapping from RecycleNow on Vimeo.