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Sunday, March 7, 2010

DIY - Fruity Cheese Stick

I know, it had been a while since I last blog. Life has been a bit dull lately, any cheer for me?

Say "cheese", yeah... I like cheese since young. Block cheddar cheese always been my favourite especially during my kiddy days birthday! Mom will have this made for my little party held at home. Guess I had inherited my mom's patience in chopping such little stuffs.

Introducing this special dessert, a very easily made DIY cheesy fruity stick. I made this during a recent potluck gathering. Indeed no one has seen such thing before :) It's special, it's my mom's recipe!

Ingredients : Cheddar Cheese - 1 block, Canned pineapple, Strawberries, tooth picks

1) Chopped them into little cubes
2) Stick them into the tooth pick
3) Ready to serve

If you can imagine its taste, these cheesy stick blends well with fruity red wines. Yummy, my favourite is always Cabernet or any fruity wine... it's a perfect match.