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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cycling - April KL Car Free day, Apr 6, 2014

Heard it was a monthly event, but not sure if DBKL (Kuala Lumpur Municipal Council) still active in organizing this. Earlier this year, the first Sunday of the month had been gazette as Car Free in the center of KL. Not the whole stretch of road been closed, but at least half of the on-going road. I have lost the route pic.. hence can't share. The crowd was not great, many was on bike, walk, run.. while some on skate boards, horse ride (believe these are officials) and so on.

My intention was just for the fun and experience. At least explored once and had the real 'feel' for event which is more towards the "fun" part, rather than the "competition" part. Partner and I literally retired (or retiring) from some event which content the nature of competition (OCBC is a definite No No), target hitting and most importantly unsafe route. I appreciate nature, as much that we should "feel" the greenery and oxygen, get ourselves connected to the nature, at some point - photography for future view of those feeling. Not the smell of carbon monoxide and over speeding vehicles passing along / opposite the bikers. Such route perhaps work fine for other cycling friendlier countries, such as OZ, Taiwan, Europe and so. But not in this Boleh Land city... except during the special gazetted day :)

My GoPro in action, once again... picture tells story below.

Near KLCC 
KLCC on Car Free Sunday 
Greenery in the heart of KL city 
Sogo Intersection
Brass bands to cheer
Pumpkin Horse 
Stunning morning sun
The famous Yut Kee was crowded
Cars or bikes
My next fun cycle event? One unsure, and one overseas! Looking forward, hope I still know how to ride by then. :=)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dive Trip - Laguna @ Redang Island, Mar 28-30, 2014

First dive trip of 2014. Nothing special, except it was a partial sponsored company trip. A luxurious stay and dive, I would say. My buddy and I enjoyed the room, consider extreme luxury for divers like us. 4 pax room, equipped permanent beds. We paid for double on a quad room, how we wish we have more friends to accompany us with laughter. Nevertheless, we do enjoyed the quietness some times.

I had my GoPro Hero3 with me this time. Unlike the dive last year, where all files were wiped out as it re-written over. Not too bad this time. Except I forgot to turn it on the beginning of the dives , or rather don't know how to... Managed to took video only over the last few dives.

Fishes & divers
Slightly colored 
The Nemo (Clown Fishes) were too shy
In the evening 
It was cloudy evening
Large dining hall overlooking the sea
My selfie :D 
Between the rocks 
Surfacing... with my lights on
Nice weekend getaway. It was great, except for the long bus journey and traffic jam getting back to the city that Sunday. It was a long weekend, somewhat traffic was rather heavy at Gombak toll.

Wish to have more dive trips in 2014. Seems its impossible considering our buddies schedule and commitments. Till then, mates!

Travel - Langkawi.Ko Lipe, Thailand Mar 14-17 2014

。空 。I felt like leaving my page empty. But hang on... my aim was to get my blog space attended, at least for my trips and memories. The year had moved into 3rd Q, and yet... (sorry for the wind)

Ko Lipe, an island also been known as Thailand's Maldives, had been in my to-visit list, ever since some photography friends hit to this island several years back. We just love adventure into new places, the study, the planning, the expect of unexpected, the locals, feel the life of others, on and on...

There are few ways to hit to this island. Its either flying to Hatyai, take on bus and boat into the island, Or enter via Langkawi island, 1.5 hour ferry ride. Either mode can be quite taxing, while we took the later... the limited ferry service had made us wasted lots of time waiting. Malaysian Custom via ferry was rather tiring at Telaga Terminal, hope they could improve the service with proper seats and linkage to the Custom office.

Let's start with the journey was we stepped into Langkawi. We picked up a rental car from the airport, glad it was a low peak weekend, price was good. Journey started with Laksa Utara, just nearby the airport corner before heading to Pantai Cenang.

Langkawi - Laksa Ikan stalls
The Villa, Pantai Cenang - A very simple standard room we choose. Nothing to shout. The crowd was alright with families and kids at the pool. Drawback was it causes our stay too noisy when kids are at the pool. Room was clean, but mosquitos were not too tame with us. I did't quite like sleeping with mosquito spray or mat. Anyway, it was just a night stay.

The Villa's pool
The Villa's pool side
The Villa's rooms
The Villa's entrance
While our ferry was 2PM the next afternoon, we took a ride around Langkawi island. It was a bright sunny morning. View was good.

Around 4PM local time, we arrived at Ko Lipe island. Passport handling was rather messy here. We have to bear with it. All passports were handed in at the jetty place of Bundhaya. We had to stand surround the corner it until our name was called. No one knows what happened in the custom place, but we could take a peep into the small room. Everyone busy with their work, and yet the processing was slow. Took us more than 30min standing around the corner. There went our time whole day around.

Bundhaya - Jetty of Ko Lipe
Highlight of our trip here - Idyllic Concept Resort, located at Sunrise beach of Ko Lipe. One of the high end resorts we really like. Very nice concept and one seldom get in our own home ground. Pictures below explains well. We had the i-Pool with pool access.
Idyllic's Refresh balcony
Idyllic's  Room full glass
Idyllic's bed
Idyllic's - Me!
Idyllic's huge bath room
Idyllic's shower & tub. Tub's wooden window could open wide
Idyllic's  access to the pool
Idyllic's breakfast area
Idyllic's Dine - fried calamari for afternoon tea
Idyllic's Dine - Spring roll and cappucino
Idyllic's enjoying sea view with coffee
Idyllic's - Ever hardworking staffs
I had 2 thoughts on the resort after touring the island.

1) While over 80% of resorts around the island are lower ends type, I feel it a waste or rather out of the norm enjoying a super comfortable room. Aren't we supposed to 'feel' how the local stays? Oh well, at least we dine with the locals at the walking streets most time.

2) It's very unusual to enjoy such high end and comfy, yet affordable priced resort, in a quiet island like this. We need to appreciate that, as its very uncommon to get one affordable luxury stay back home.

There's nothing much we could do or explore over a 3D2N trip here. Most time we would walk around the little island, sandy beach, on the sand, out to the sea shore, etc...

The Nemo @ shallow sea bed
Mom & daughter watching Nemo
Other activities surrounding the island, includes many iconic and natural resort. It's divers paradise too. Too bad, I didn't intend to dive over this trip. Was hoping for a quiet and relaxing type.

A Diver's Resort
Bungalow village house of the resort
Wapi Resort - Looks  not bad, simple
I like their walking street very much. It makes life convenient. Doesn't need to rely on hotel food, there are all kinds of streets food around, Thai massage stalls, and even convenient stores for my usual water, drink, cooler wines, chips, and so. Ain't great if we have such convenient in our islands? But in another way, such human living place and commercial area (even though) its small, could cause pollution to the island.
Walking Street - mini market
Pancake stall
Satay in Mandrin
All kinds of Satay Chicken
Pancake stall
It's Roti Pisang la.. 30Baht 
Famous and crowded - RakLay Thai food stall
Dive shop - met a China Chinese instructor there
Dive Shop - keep it for next time
The Dive course packages
BBQ'ed seafood
My Day 2 morning, many house dogs greeted us along the beach.

Beach with dogs
Getting ready for island hoping
Village road - short cuts
The kind of village
Attap house
In order to enjoy sun sea and beach, island hoping is the best deal to get through all the clear place. Packages are cheap, 500-700Baht dependable for a day island hoping to a few islands. Can't remember how many.
Gathering place for island hopping
Out the sea, it was clear!
Indeed, water was clear for Andaman Sea
Koh Hin Ngam - A blessing island
Long Tail boat
That's what made the island
The more stones you build, the more blessing you'll get

It's Tarutao National Park
My ankle was hurt (again) during an island trip. Oh well, I am rather used to it. Mainly due to tired feet. Glad there was help granted when I was hoping back to the hotel. Some massager lady and restaurant workers came out to help. (they are just so much humanity and kind hearted). It was the 'feel' which I could not get back at my home land. 

Hurt ankle
Dinner - We didn't want to get back to Rak Lay. Didn't I tell that the wait at Rak Lay was rather horrible experience. No one served us!! Even though we have been seated. The crowd was just too bad, that no one or rather no one date to converse with us (coz they know we can't speak Thai). The restaurant was mainly booked by agents. That's what I observed.

No fear, we walked a few steps down and got to this Papaya (something similar) restaurant and got ourselves some authentic Thai food. Papaya salad, it was authentic in which an old auntie showed her skill in grinding the sliced vegetables.

Crispy pork skin
Papaya Restaurant
Papaya Salad
Last day - It was check out day. We missed the hotel so much, but still have to leave.

Cafe next door while waiting for our ferry

Langkawi Telaga Harbor terminal building
Looks cool harbor huh!
Custom building

Telaga Harbor has many great buildings. Unfortunately they are not linked, we need to walk ourselves under the hot sun in order to get our passport chopped. With that, trip was ended after a RM30 taxi ride to the airport. Simple yet adventurous trip so far, still misses the resort. Till our next time trip...