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Sunday, February 22, 2009

CNY Dinner @ Cheow Yang Restaurant, PJ Sec 19

Again another dated stuff... it has been a busy short month, carrying myself with sickness throughout the past 3 weeks, with tremendous stress at work... oh gosh... hope it will over soon.

Anyway, wish to blog this out as soon, to thank my uncle and family at PJ, who had always treated us good food and dinners for the past couple of years, I guess for almost the past 10 years.

Remembering it was the last weekend of CNY, when most people are still busy celebrating around. We brought ourselves to Cheow Yang Restaurant, near Rothmans roundabout, opposite British American Tobacco. It was the previous furniture mall Fella Design, when I was still staying in PJ Sec 17.

Well, though I had started to feel ill that weekend, I still need to draw myself there. Observing the restaurant, I was impressed by their setup. Unlike normal Chinese restaurant which normally colored themselves in red and yellowish lighting. This particular restaurant has its main hall colored in bright white lighting, plus some colorful stylish lights.

However, we got ourselves into a room instead, where the setup is quite traditional Chinese look. Observing their napkin, I remembering seeing this cloth where most people will take it as curtain or cushion cover. The idea having it as napkin seems creative and nice.

Aunt and Uncle ordered a 10 course CNY dinner with the package of RM888++ if not mistaken. Dishes were all great, especially the lobster dish below. Unfortunately, I had very bad sore throat that day. The spicy lobster meat had eventually killed my taste bud and ruined my throat. I still remember that feeling.

Next of my favourite is roasted piglet (乳猪)... Taken picture of it in various style. However, cousin found the taste was not very promising, seems to have kind of heavy meaty smell.

Lastly were their dessert, some call it ma-lai-kou (Malay kuih) and Black Sesame Tong Yun (汤圆).

GPS Coordinate : N3 06.913 E101 37.665

Address : 16, Jalan 19/1, Petaling Jaya Selangor
Contact No : 03 7956 1218 , 03 7955 1218
Business Hour : Daily Lunch and Dinner Time

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