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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Foods @ Kota Kemuning - Auntie Juliet Garden Cafe

Mind me... it has been a hectic month of May.. I wish I could get into mid-June very soon. Having mental blocked for the last couple of days, I wish I could be in somewhere out there travelling. Anyway, let me see what other pending post I have so far...

We have been visiting this garden cafe ever since we shifted here at Kota Kemuning several years ago. Quite like their Nyonya foods served, typical Malaysian food and its Halal too. Hubby likes to bring his China colleagues here, for food tasting and most of them like the authentic Malaysian food served too.

They have set meals, which come with 1 main dish + drink + dessert. Very good deal and most of the time I will order that. Let's see what's my favourite.

Mee Bandung

Kampung Fried Rice, they have varieties of Thai Fried Rice and Normal Fried Rice

My favourite drink - Apple Asam Boi

Here's the cafe's setup, very authentic Baba Nyonya setup, with its quote of the day... or may be quote of the week!

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