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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Foods @ Kota Kemuning - Restaurant Sei Bao (食饱饱)

It was after I touched down from my last Singapore trip earlier this month. We decided to have a quick dinner and explored this restaurant for the 1st time. We all knew it was moved from another location within Kota Kemuning, previously was named Sek Bao Bao, after its Chinese name 食饱饱, eat-full-full, haa....

Their previous restaurant was located back at the 2nd roundabout, within the destiny of Anggerik Liparis and Doritis area. Ever since then, I like to tapao their Singapore Fried Bihun. Guess why? Cos they normally served with lots of BBQ pork char-siew and small lil shrimp.

After ending their business close to a year, they decided to re-open their business at the busy business area of Anggerik Vanilla, nearby weekly Pasar Tani area instead.

Let's see what are the dishes we ordered. Without miss, surely will have their Singapore Fried Bihun, vegetable and lastly mantis prawn (赖尿虾) fried with salted egg.

Where does this restaurant located? Check out the map below (click to enlarge). Near tapak pasar tani.
GPS coordinate : N3 00.348 E101 32.315

Tel : +603-5122 0136

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