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Monday, March 30, 2009

Love。Bread。Mold - 心灵。面包。发霉了

Can't wait to share this philosophy i just learned a few hours ago from by my Yoga instructor. The thought was simple yet true, especially when we stop back and listen-think the meaning behind the imaginary thoughts.

Simple test.... grab 3 pieces of bread, most important must be off the same set of manufacturing time and oven.
  • 1) Place each bread into an air tight container.
  • 2) Container #1 - keep sweet talking with the bread everyday, praise it always..
  • 3) Container #2 - keep cursing the bread every now and then...
  • 4) Container #3 - leave it aside without bordering
  • .... keep for 10 days and see the result.
  • Container #2 - full of mold
  • Container #1 - a little mold
  • Container #3 - level of mold stays in between #2 and #1
According to my instructor, this thought was shared over the radio this morning. I tried to search further writings from the internet, but failed. Main question -- Are you lack of L.O.V.E.?

What's the learning behind the simple test above? -- Your life will be positively filled, happy, energized, cheerful, etc... when you are filled and poured with love. Just like Container #1, lesser mold compared to the rest.

How much of us know what love is? From a layman term, love does not necessary mean only love between a couple, it can be anything ... friendship, family, parents, siblings, pets, plant, or any living object. It's all about how you feel, accept, appreciate it. For those who find themselves always lack of love, will borne to be negative... for those who find themselves full of love, will feel life been so interesting and always have positive mindset.

It is the inner soul of you yourselves that borders you. Know yourselves, check out if you are lacking love, especially when you would always act or think negatively. "Find - Get - Feel" the love surrounding you. Avoid surroundings and people who always have negative mindset, think and act negatively. Such as getting angry easily, cursing others even for small matters, narrow mindset, over-reacting, etc...

At times, love is not something which is gifted naturally. It may need to be cultivated, gained, and feel by own selves. Some might have been blessed naturally, i.e. born with it - happy family, If its unfortunate that you were not born in such way, don't blame but there are always something out there which is meant for you to love and to be loved.

Hope my writing does not sound complicated... only if I could cut and paste from others website.. hehe... that will make my writing simpler :)

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