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Saturday, October 25, 2008

DIY - Garbage Enzyme

What's this? Very familiar with this, only if you happen to be a 'kitchen-user'. Oh yes, it is often those waste from vegetable skin, fruit skin, rotten fruits or vegetable, etc...

I had read some articles about the benefit of Garbage Enzyme, how we do it and how it could save our mother earth. We recently heard a lot about Global Warming, how to save our earth and so. This is a good practice for us human being for now wasting the waste, but bring it back to the mother earth for recycling purposes.

One of the recent news paper article had captured my attention. It mentioned about a great person who collected a lot of those organic/original waste from fruits, vegetables, etc... and transform them into Garbage enzyme. She then drain them into the polluted river with the hope to save the nature and planet. Of course, we need to do out best to reduce chemical reacting detergent into the drain and river, which then pollutes our nature again. yeah.... the extract of the local newspaper can be found in this article instead - http://mysmartmoneytips.com/2008/07/29/garbage-enzymes/

As for me at home, these so called fruit and vege garbage are collected in my kitchen. However, it had yet transformed into this product. But yet, my fruit and vege garbage is used as 'natural fertilizer' for my plant!!!

Some of the benefits and uses (extracted from www.justlifeshop.com/changeclimate) are:

  • Save Money: turns kitchen waste to DIY natural household cleaners.
  • Multiple Uses: natural household cleaner, air purifier, deodoriser, insecticide, detergent, body care, car care, organic fertiliser, etc.
  • Reduce Pollution: Disposed garbage release methane gas that can trap heat 21x more than CO2.
  • Purify Air, Increase Oxygen Level: removes odour, clears toxic air due to smoking, car exhaust, chemical residues of household products, etc..
  • Natural Pesticides: reduces mosquitoes, flies, rats, cockcroaches, etc.
  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-virus: natural antiseptic for homes.
  • Prevents Drainpipe Blockage: releases residues accumulated in pipes, basins, toilet bowls.

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