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Monday, October 27, 2008

Gardening World - Lotus @ home

Geee.. No, it's not my first time blog on Lotus plant. My intention is to show off my Lotus flower shot taken today. I loves my shots today, lighting was good, of course the flower bloomed nicely and perfectly.

Having a pot of Lotus plant is easy. Simple steps below:

1) Place some soil in a bowl/ceramic pot (of course sealed up with no hole).

2) Fill up the pot with water. Make sure it has enough water filled up all the while.

3) Grow the plant from a seed. Seeds are available from the bud once it turned dry.

4) Slowly grow the plant day-to-day, feed them with fertilizer. Special fertilizer is available in the market too.

5) Till it bloomssssss...... good luck :)

Here are some of my old blog's pictures, taken from the seed I transplanted from my neighbour's Lotus plant.


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