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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Story of Cockroach...es

I didn't intend to blog something today. Since I would need to clear off this dead creature from my new messenger bag below, and... the same time showing the person who gave me this as pressie, where the hell this dead creature could have been hidden from. Was it from its originated country, or the transiting, or my country. The dead body should not be from my home... as it does not look as if it was dead 24hours ago, since it only left with one dried leg, hehe... leave it for CSI investigator!

Hey... aren't this a cool crumpler messenger bag? I know someone who hates cockroaches, would be interested. Too bad, this is not for re-sell... :P The flexi compartment in there can be such useful for my DSLR as well as my netbook.

On top of the cockroach and new bag... here goes another story of cockroach! Couple of weeks back, I noticed this dead creature somewhere in my living hall. It wasn't out there on the floor or so, but was in a bowl. What? Bowl? Who's bowl? My new cockroach catcher's bowl...

Wanna guess whom has been recently hired as a full time cockroach catcher in my home... it's her! My little Pomeranian doggie - Foxy!

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