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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

YET - South Korea Ski Trip, Nov 25-Dec 1 2011 (Part 1)

Exclude the snow!! Goshhh.... this has been the n times for me, visited winter season to a winter country without snow! Guess the snow luck wasn't with me after all. OK, this is going be a lengthly post, so stay on if you wish, else you'd better leave. Not too sure how long could I last in writing them all, as you could see, I have been procrastinated over this post for more than a month :P

Day 1 - Of course, 15pax of us board on Air Asia flight.... there we went on a 6 1/2 hours flight to Incheon International Airport, Seoul.

Day 2 - Upon arrival... we had our 1st Korean breakfast - McDonalds!! lol... there goes the feel of joining a guided tour trip once again (after 10 years). 15min to grab our breakfast to-go, rush over to board the bus!

Had my quick bite while the tour guide was explaining in her Korean-English (geee.. sounded weird, but she's real nice lady). Taste of my McD - oily! I was sleepy while she was explaining the Incheon Bridge and some background history of Joseon Dynasty, blablabla... why I remember that dynasty name, oh well... it sounded like a colleague's name. lol! Thank god we just passed by the bridge, need not jump down and take picture... in fact I started zzzz..zzz....

However, I was forced to climb down to the 1st destination - Incheon China Town. Ok la.. it is worth to take a look how Chinese build their township in this country, just like other China Towns throughout the world. This was rather quiet street, as it was a weekend, all shops were closed. Seems like a ghost town to me. :D Some building architecture was rather unique, nice to walk in such cold weather, it was about 15C that day.

After China Town, I was the only one practically skipped the 2nd boring destination. Some war memorial hall or so. I was sleeping in the bus, ghee :D...

Right then onwards, the long bus journey began... Supposed a 2+ hours journey turned up to 4+hours, headed to Nami island. Hehe... I was happy, as I was sleeping all the way and didn't realized the boring traffic jam along the way.

Did we have our lunch? Oh yes, it was so yummy, as we were all hungry. Nice hot pot vegetable + rice meal. Served with other side dishes, without failed came with Kimchi (not my favorite)

We headed to Nami island after lunch. It was late, around 3pm that time... and we really had limited time to tour around. Don't get caught by the name, it's not an ocean island, but it's inland island surrounded by river. Check out wiki for Namiseom. The place was famous after Korean Drama Winter Sonata. It was a nice place for photography, very unfortunate, by the time we reached there was too dark... :(

Oh yes, the greentea + red bean pancake was nice. 1,000Won was about RM2.90 at that time.

We barely spent 2 hours at the place. What a waste, if only it was a free & easy trip, I might be there for the whole afternoon or morning, enjoying the breeze and had some picnic stuff with me at the garden. Sigh.

Anyway, I was too tired to enjoy the scene too. Can't wait to get into the bus and continue my beauty sleep :) Last destination before hotel check in, we had out dinner, again a 1 wok-styled meal. Can't really remember what was it, but one of the side dishes caught my attention. Look at the green vegetable, it was chili plant!! I can see a little chili bud in there.

Immediate after dinner, we get our 1st hotel check in - Mt Sorak Hotel. It wasn't a 5 star hotel, not too bad for a night sleep. Internet access only at the lobby, there went me and my iPad2. Breakfast the next morning was not too bad, buffet with varieties.

Day 3 - Right after breakfast was another easy morning walk at Mt Sorak National Park and Sinhung Temple. Personally I don't find it extremely exciting here... oh well, at least the weather counts and I enjoy the cold cold numbness feel.

Should I pause here? Till then, I will continue writing in Part 2.

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