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Friday, November 1, 2013

2013 Year End Tasks List

It's almost the end of 2013, how time flies! One has so much to do, but so little time to do.

What's there so much to do? My wish list  goes like this...

1. Electronically clean up - what's that mean? Mailboxes, files, folders, phone book, pictures.. All needs to be organized.

2. A revamp on this blog page - or should I setup another blog space? I recently lost my old pictures and comments featuring countless memories in multiply.com. What's the lesson behind? Should I trust free hosting page? Will see, may go back to paper diary! Lol..

3. Documenting my dreams - I have too much to be off loaded from my brain. It's getting heavier these days, poor brain.

4. Place down action plan to those dreams - hmm... This is rather difficult, and I should place away the procrastination. [here's why I dare to document them in my blog]

5. Holiday planning for 2014 - somewhat related to #3 above. 

6. Blog topics - some topics had been lining up in my brain. That's time to off load... But again, looks like I would need to sleep with my lappy very soon. :)

p.s. I wrote this from my phone, while waiting aimlessly over a boring weekend out there.

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