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Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Trip - Sekinchan Cycling cum Homestay trip, Apr 20-21, 2014

Searched through the sequence of my photo folder, found that indeed I had a group leisure cycling event some time Apr this year. How could I missed? It was only a short weekend trip. It was a quick nature ride at the paddy field.

Simple event always started with good meal. We started out venture from a seafood meal at Kuala Selangor. It's not the best, I would say its the simplest to meet restaurant. Website http://riverviewseafoodrestaurant.com.my/ Lunch was so-so, I noticed the dish of cuttle fish satay seems extra ordinary, but it turned out the satay sauce ain't catchy to my liking. I could make better one with Satay Kajang's sauce, anyway it inspired me :)

River View Restaurant
Cuttle fish satay
Before checking in to our homestay, we dropped by a bicycle rental shop, just to check out the place for others whom didn't bring along their own bikes. AMG, stands for Ang Mo Gang (紅毛港)is a music cafe business cum bicycle rental shop. Located at the shop lots area, very near to the wet market of Sekinchan. It's a unique cafe, with the feel of 80s. They play music at night, too bad I didn't have the chance to hang out there those night. Check out their FB site for more detail (Mandarin) - https://www.facebook.com/AMGMusicCafe

Cafe setup
Bicycle Rental service
Unique little bike
The shop
My drink
We choose to stay at Sekinchan Summer Resort. Check out their FB site - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sekinchan-Summer-Resort/329040947111693 Overall was a nice experience, except it had been a 4 storey house, we get the last 2 upper units and thus it had been hassle to walk up stairs with luggage. That says, we have a windy balcony to chat and hangout whole night long. Rooms were clean and family hall was huge. Basic facilities were alright, with fridge and kitchen at each floor units. Its owned and manned by Chinese, expect basic decorations but most importantly its clean.

Our mission on the bike started 4PM that evening. After settling down with our rooms. Its been time for some of us to fix our own bikes, while the rest drove out to the shop to pick their bikes. We biked for at least an addition of 3KM from the homestay out to the shop one way. It was boring at daylight, as the scene of paddy were all symmetrically the same. I do enjoy the return ride over the dark, as it was so chilling nice at night. 

View from Summer Resort
Looks like Doraemon houses
Peaceful paddy field

We travelled across the main road from the Sekinchan town to Redang Beach. This place came famous after TVB drama namely 單戀雙城。

Iconic of Sekinchan
Places casted in the TVB drama
We had our dinner at downtown, before heading back to the homestay. 

隆华海鲜饭店 (Sekinchan) was where we stopped for dinner. Simple seafood dinner, I would say.

The evening ride lasted 15.8KM for me. Was great.

Evening ride distance
The following morning, our ride started around 630AM. Same procedures, those without own bike drove to choose their bike, and we gathered there at the shop. My purpose for this trip was rather for the scenic morning and photography shoot. Not sure about the others. I didn't turn on my runkeeper the morning, as we stopped pretty much a few times throughout the 2 hours going around the paddy field.

Young paddy
Classic bike
That's me
Hard ride would always ended with a glad meal. Some had bah kut teh, while some of us had noodle. We tried the so called famous 洪肉, stewed pork leg for a morning breakfast. It was decent and nice. Was it a Teochew dish? I'm not too sure. 顺合茶餐室

洪肉 stewed pork for breakfast
Run kept only the distance from the shop back to homestay
The sweat was great, but not too well when sun approached the head of ours. It can be painfully hot, as paddy field has no shed. That's the only downside apart from its greenery.

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