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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gardening World - Purplish lady's finger

It had been hard for me to continue blogging these days, "some" thing could have changed. I know, I felt it.... am just waiting for the time for me to accept the change. Frankly, I have shifted myself else where within the cyberspace.

Anyway, I could have planned some of these blog topics earlier, especially when I need time to wait for "them" to grow up.

Presenting here, we have our "Purple" lady's finger. Anyone don't know what's this vegetable is, check it out at wiki, also known as Okra. Why's it in purple colour? Don't ask me why, as it was from the packed seed. Having this just for fun... not sure if it taste good, will check it out when they are fully mature for harvest.

Besides lady's finger, I do have other purple plants at home too! The purple chilli... it was all transplanted from these seed.

It's now flowering, hope to see its fruits very soon.

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