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Friday, January 1, 2010

Restaurant Ong Fah Meru, Klang

This will be rather an ad-hoc post, with an aimless trip to Klang today. It was a blur morning, which I might not even wake myself up from the bed if the gardener had never rang my door bell. :-S Anyway, without any particular motive, we drove ourselves to Setia Alam for lunch (skipped breakfast as I had it during my sleep zzzz :P) cum a visit to a friend's new shop.

Lunch was simple. The mixed platter served just nice, with the choice of roasted duck, roasted chicken, char siew (BBQ pork) and chinese sausages. There is no superb taste of the food, but since hubby has been talking about shop for years, while he was working at that area, but I had never been to this place!

Back to that platter, RM9.50 seems to be rather reasonable. Among all, what did I like most? I would say their roasted duck (though I just had Paramount's roasted duck last night), the char siew and the sausage. Roasted chicken seems to be rather normal. Chilli served was not bad too.

I wouldn't say there is a super recommendation or finger licking taste of the dishes, but in any case if you happen to be around the place, without much idea of what to have for lunch. This may be a choice, we introduced this to the owner of a shop, whom will appear in the next up coming post.

Restaurant Ong Fah Meru (3rd branch, apparently they have several branches in Klang),
Along Jalan Cokmar 1, parallel with Jalan Meru, Klang.

POI available in MFM map, GPS coordinate : N3 04.545 E101 26.942

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Jacko said...

yeap. this is thus far the best in setia alam surrounding. the first shop is near pin hwa school in klang, lorong tapah.