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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Nostalgic Food Place @ Section 17, PJ

I don't really intend to write a food blog on its own. Running out of ideas in blogging lately, capturing food photos does not help much in writing a good food blog. As much as it could, I am blogging just for own diary, it comes handy for my own reference once a while, especially when I need to find out the details of places I have been before.

Section 17 PJ is a place I could dine for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper. It had been a strategic place for me, whenever I need to drop by PJ or Damansara Bandar Utama area. Foods are cheap, heaps of varieties, most importantly tasty. One could taste the real 'humanity' taste, as most of the coffee shops and stalls had been there for more than 10-20 years.

We dropped by for breakfast one day, wanted to hunt for some other famous foods other than those 'standard' one we used to have. I missed the Hakka Pan Mee, which many years ago the owner decided to close down his business, he has the famous pan mee around. Nevertheless, there are other worth tasting foods around.

Try out Restaurant Hong Seng, a corner coffee shop opposite CIMB Taman Sentosa Section 17. In front of the bus stop. Apparently, they have famous siew yuk (roasted pork), according to Masak-masak here. Based on Popular Book's Food Guide, it introduced the curry mee instead. Well, true enough the curry mee was good. See pic below... one may not get a bowl of curry me stuffed with see-ham and long bean vege, but there was missing brinjal :P

The kon-lo noodle was so-so, but was full of BBQ pork :)

The milk tea was not bad, at least I find consideration where they left sugar aside.

Oops.. paiseh, this roasted pork was bought from the market, not from the shop.

In case you need the exact address of this shop.

Restoran Hong Seng
Along Jalan 17/29
Section 17, Petaling Jaya
(Closed on Mondays. Same row as Sportstoto. There are also two other kopitiams in the same row i.e.Lucky Seafood and Wah Cheong.)

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