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Sunday, September 18, 2011

DIY - Pumpkin Rice

I have a few blogs pending for publish, thanks to my procrastinated mood... I could not complete even a single one. Hence, allow me to do a quick publish on my dinner experiment tonight. Listen carefully, this was an experiment.

Having pumpkin in the fridge, made me wonder what to cook. Brilliant me, did quite a few short-cuts plus agak-agak (tried and error) way of cooking.

The ingredient was super simple. Pumpkin sliced in cubes, garlic slices, mushroom, dried shrimp and Chinese sausages.

How to cook? I did it on a simplest way, all in one wok! Firstly, stir fried garlic in the wok. Add in the dried shrimp + Chinese sausage cubes + mushroom cubes. Stir fried them together with, add in washed rice and once again stir till fragrant.

Add water to cover all ingredient, bring them to cook and simmer for about 20min. I couldn't remember how I measured those ingredients, but it was all.... agak-agak. (Haa... some of you would know what I meant).

Here it is... the final product.. All in one wok. This was the first time ever I cooked rice from the wok. I was thinking, wouldn't I able to do so, since Italian's risotto is cooked that way too :) Brilliant idea ya!

This was tasty, I would not even need any other seasoning nor pinch of salt. Pumpkin itself is sweet enough. It was very full filling. Happy trying, if you believe me.

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