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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Biz Trip - Hong Kong, Aug 24-27 2011

Before I start my blogging spirit with the very eventful September 2011, guess I did missed out my August business trip to Hong Kong. Nothing special to share, using this as an excuse to keep a nice diary for myself....

As usual, business trip is nothing special for me. I would rather go for an eventful and self plan free & easy personal trip. How I wish - I would go HK Disney, dine in at the HK hill top restaurant, walk and walk around the streets, and most importantly -- Shopping!! Unfortunately, I missed out all those. Nevertheless, it is still nice to be out from the norm once a while, though working can be stressful.

In fact, I have been to Hong Kong many years ago. In this trip, I was walking through the memories on how I get myself to the hotel and office once again. Tsing Yi (青衣)is the port terminal place where you will not miss if you take the rapid train to the city.

Next, I checked in myself to Renaissance HarbourView Hotel at Wan Chai. The sky was blue on day 1 I arrived. Too bad, it was still summer and I had to bare with the heat out there.

Pacific coffee, a very popular chain coffeeshop in Hong Kong. They recently had a few outlet here in KL too. Had my very late lunch here, nearest I could find around my hotel. Honestly, I almost got myself lost around the corners and overhead bridges connecting most the surrounding buildings. I had been relying on my previous memory plus some Hong Kong series location identicator, e.g. Wan Chai Tower, where most civil court case take place & Star Jetty, etc... And by the way, the pork sandwich served here was fabulous.

I didn't get to visit another happening place in Hong Kong island the last trip I was here. It's CausewayBay, Tong Luo Wan (铜锣湾 ). A colleague told me its nearby my office, recalling my memory, a friend actually did told me the same too. Well, guess what? We walked all the way from Wan Chai to Causeway Bay for dinner. But worse thing was -- it was summer at 36C!! Super hot... and we squeezed ourselves into the air-con restaurant, considered a famous HK coffee shop (茶餐廳). It had always been my likely to taste local delicacies, as well as observe the surroundings lifestyle.

Dinner at Chui Wah Restaurant (翠華餐廳), my fried fish skin noodle + piggy bun (豬仔包), in actual is just a normal bun toasted with butter & condensed milk. Indeed tasty, but having it as dinner sounds a bit weirdo. Anyway, I was glad my friend brought me to such local places to explore.

Next, it was dessert time! It was just the right time to chill with snowy icy mango from a famous dessert chain store, 許留山。

The next and couple day next of my stay was gloomy! See how much difference it looked like over the harbour.

Following days, I had my breakfast at the very same coffeeshop almost everyday :) Tried each of their set breakfast meal, typical Hong Kong styled. A noticed some special dish, which we don't get it here. Macaroni, pasta based noodle was served soupy with canned pork (肉丁). Gosh, this gave me more idea and variaties for my everyday meal at home. This place was at HK Convention Center's Harbour Kitchen.

I then used my dinner time to explore the other side of the island, Tsim Sha Tsui. I took the ferry ride, which cost me only HK$2.50 each ride. Explored the very owned cheesy baked rice, just like what I always like at Kim Gary. Taste not bad. The typical crowded coffeeshop will have the 'sitting' instructions -- couple please be seated at the same side, particularly during peak hour (see signage in Mandrin below).

This was the only street scenery I took while I was wondering the streets around Tsim Sha Tsui. And the every famous opposite island view of Hong Kong (all by my cute little compact camera).

Other than that, I tried fast food too! Here's this lotus leave rice (荷葉飯) served in a chain store (namely 大家樂) for breakfast set. It was just too much for me. Tasted good too.

Lastly, it was time to say buy before boarding into Cathay Pacific airway. Flight was delayed for 2+ hours, and I was truly exhausted that evening. In general, I had a fulfilling business trip, though the work was though, but the feel of getting things moved and done was an extremely good feeling.

Hong Kong, hope to see you in next trip... I will make sure its gonna be a leisure trip. :)

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