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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Free Mori Bakery SS2

Time is just limited these days. Had a couple of outstanding blogs to go, but this one rather had jumped the queue, ha!

Quick and sweet one from my phone, here goes a newly discovered Japanese bakery available in PJ SS2. While waiting at a massage sifu shop yesterday, read a Selangor community newspaper which introduced the chain of this shop. There goes the ever eager to taste new stuffs intuition came by.

Check out the shop, rather simple but they bought a reserved parking lot outside their shop, for customer's convenience. Hmmm.. Wonder that justifies for higher operating cost?
The display

Next, some Varieties of nicely decorated cake displayed at their glass shelves facing out. Saw a cute puffer fish, reminded me a dive buddy who likes such fish.
Nicely decorated cake

Then the varieties of pastries... Yum, I chosen 2 out of those below, tried them this morning as my breakfast, indeed was nice. Goes well with my brewed coffee! Oh dear, indulged.

The location :
43, Jalan SS2/64, Petaling Jaya
Same row as Savemart Supermarket

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