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Monday, June 25, 2012

Pan Malaysia's Telelink on iPhone & iPad Apps

I may be perceived as a crazy and heavy bet addicted person lately, which I am NOT! Was thinking twice if I should blog this, due to this matter, at this 'season'. Oh well, who cares, while I discovered this cool apps over my ride as boring passanger on the road from Penang back to KL.

Telelink is PMP's online, prepaid credit betting system, in which I have been holding their card for close to 8 years. It was indeed cool ever since then, where one can call up for a bet each time when one feel like it. However, the value of my card will never exceed RM50, except for a time where I won some cash.

In just yesterday, I could not call any of their agent numbers I used to call, not too sure why and I was thought could they 'wrapped up' their online system? To my surprises, they instead had build their iPhone apps! I installed and tested it while on the road. Indeed I found it was real cool and safe up my time calling them up.

Here's some of their a screen shots.
Main page
Selection after login

Start your bet

Look carefully on the last screen, in case you would not know what to buy.. you could shake your iPhone and it will show some handpicked numbers. I wasn't able to try it, as the service was down now... probably it is an off day, which I think I read some instructions somewhere. 

In case you are a Telelink customer, you may try this App too.

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