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Friday, May 10, 2013

My GE13 moment back home, Labuan

It was a rare experience. I made a decision to fly home for merely 30 hours, in purpose to experience my 1st life time General Election voting. Being a registered voter for many years, its a shame (actually somewhat only) for not able to carry out my duty for the past years. This time round, I have been eyeing for a reasonable air ticket on the day they announced GE13 date. Price was not attractive on the evening of first day, I then tried on the second day and succeeded in securing the price I afford (*hihi).

Overall, what's great about it?
  • An excuse to be home, visiting my family
  • Flying on the air plane with just hand luggage - I love this! No checkin queue havoc, walk straight into the gate with a printed web check in slip on hand
  • 1st time inexperience voter - nay! I was not too excited but rather anxious worry if I could have miss some steps around the polling station
  • 1st time in the Malaysian history - we have inked process (unfortunately ink was not so permanent as it claimed to be), rumors around there were phantom voters; obviously not in my area, many many other issues lying around every corners of this political heat
  • I was glad that I choose to stay with my current voting location, situation was rather calm. Brighter side - safe; Another side - not many ready for change
  • Managed to catch up with some primary school mates! 2 returned home with family, all the way from Singapore, bravo!
  • I drove a manual 4WD, hihi! Glad that I still know how to drive a manual geared car, and its an aged 3.2l Trooper ok! :)
My 1st pic after touched down 
Sky was very blue, and it was extremely HOT!
Campaign still with wooden plywood - old fashioned
Wooden plywood 
Managed to find some time to dine out with family and friends. 

Family Dinner @ Pulau Labuan

Lunch with friends @ The Grill Tiara Hotel

Best of all - No check in luggage!

My Q @ Saluran 3

Chinese Class room?

Spotted an oil&gas worker in front of me - Safety!

Done with inked - looks like manicure
End of my quick report! 30 hours stay at home... 2D1N trip, it's worth the effort and time.

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