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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 in review

It's the usual me to make a quick review in wrapping up the year. Especially on the last day of my year end vacation. 2015 was rather a rough year, particularly at work and some emotion at home.

Nevertheless, I had great company, family and friends who always with me getting through the unpleasant moment, and safely.

What's gone for 2015?...

1. Travel - Didn't have many overseas trip, probably due to the unpleasant news carried over from 2014. Only had one trip to Osaka Japan, while the other two was business trips to Singapore and the States. 2 dive trips, and a few local road trips with friends and families.

2. Collection - Lego, 1st heart shaped Lego was my own souvenir bought from Lego store @ Rinku Premium Outlet, Osaka. Later in the year, I had several other boxes of Friends and X'mas collection as gift. :)

3. Kitchen Gadget - Kuvings slow juicer, Krups Coffee grinder

4. Stress Relieve tools - Essential Oils, coloring book

5. Exercise - Upgraded my ride from a foldie to MTB, continued my regular Yoga and Zumba classes

6. Eat Healthy - My lunch pack routine has became regular, ate raw foods, especially those cooked on the same morning. It's easy, and I enjoy planning my meals in advance. Overnight rolled oat has been a regular twice weekly breakfast, combination of some fresh fruits and cereal.

7. Edible Garden - New crops successfully planted and harvested, i.e. red long bean, sweet potato leaves (both red and common green), English spearmint, edame beans & asparagus (seeds bought from Daiso Japan), delima (local pomegranate)

8. Family - The arrival of a niece and a nephew, both were born just 1 day apart

What's coming for 2016?....

1. Health is the most important asset among others, besides myself, I am hoping all my family members and friends will be blessed with good health.

2. Reduces stress at work

3. Improve on certain posture in Yoga (I still can't do sit-up, shy me)

4. Enjoy my life to the fullest! More dive trips and overseas travel retreats?

Wishing everyone all the best for 2016! May the force be with all of us.... Happy new year!

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