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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The addiction of Essential Oil

Essential oil was first introduced to me through my regular spa and beauty center, Bio Jourdeness. At that particular time, I didn't quite understand why such herbs and plants extract could fetch a sky high value, a.k.a. expansive in common term. Therefore, I started some reading on them, and started to value its usage and differentiate the quality one versus those sold in some Thai night markets. They make huge difference.

Simply, essential oils are not only for spa & relaxation use. They could cure or prevent certain sickness, if we use them correctly. The pureness of each oil is the key. It can also be used as sanitizing.

Quick reference guide is available everywhere in the internet.
Example, http://draxe.com/essential-oil-uses-benefits/

I even have them installed on my smartphone, for handy references http://oilsprimer.com/
Some common oils, such as lavender, lemongrass, rosemary and peppermint are my favorite. Especially peppermint, which is handy for respiration or throat irritation due to dust and unpleasant air quality.

However, it is especially crucial to understand the basic oils do's and don'ts. As an example, lemongrass should be set away from pregnant women as much as possible. Read and understand the use of each oil, its important!

Young Living, a MLM such seller is my regular source of essential oil for the time being. I would wish to see more 'pure' and trusted oil in the market. As such, I am very much interested in learning the usage and details on how-to extract such pure oil. It's the trend for now, but it is important to use it correctly and wisely.

Part of my collection from Young Living

I have basic oils, which can be natural extract of vegetable oil, or any specialties like cranberries. With addition of certain drops of essential oil (I have it with marjoram for the time being), it's pretty much my must-have massage oil to end my day.

Basic and natural hair and body shampoo, without any scent and flavor is my favorite these days, as I could place drops of different essential oil to my liking.
Pine oil from Prague & Bio Jourdeness basic cranberries oil
Over my previous trips to Taiwan, I do like to shop for some basic massage oils, roll-ons and even sunblock lotion.

Taiwanese brand
My 1st reference book
Diffuser for air purification

Interested to understand more on essential oil? Do read and understand more... 

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