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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Food Surprises - Fish Head Noodle @ Woo Pin Fish Head Restaurant, Taman Desa

Taman Desa is a new place for me, I have never ever been to this place before, I might just get lost if I were to get there on my own. Hubby been telling me about this place couple of months back, but we have no excuse to drive 30+KM from home to this place, just to taste its famous fish head noodle.

Today we finally had the chance, since we were on the way heading to KLCC.

This particular restaurant seems to have 2 different names. You might easily get caught by the shop name, to those who're unfamiliar like me.

1) Woo Pin Fish Head - obviously serving only fish head noodles, believe only opens day time
2) Ho A One Seafood Steamboat - obviously serving steamboat, believe opens at nite

The servings has variety as below. Unfortunately, they were running out of fish paste when we arrived. Anyway, my favorite is still those with fried fish fleshes.

GPS Coordinate : N3 05.902 E101 41.187

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