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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pork Porridge @ USJ SS14

This is not something new, or a place which I just been for the first time. Can't remember how many times I have been there. Each time when I crave for pork intestine porridge, I will surely come here. Of course, the best porridge is still the one at Petaling Street.

This bowl of porridge serve as small portion, cost RM4.00. Just nice for me to finish it on my own, which I find it good. This particular Restaurant or so called Hawker Center draws crowd to taste its porridge as well as Char Kuey Taew. Besides, there is a portable van selling Yau Char Kuey just next to the restaurant, heard it sells good and nice Yau Char Kuey too.

Location :
* Non-halal
GPS Coordinate : N3 05.110 E101 31.350

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