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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tea Time @ Coffee Club, Kinokuniya KLCC

It was a tiring day, had done my big shopping at Isetan KLCC, headed myself to Kinokuniya Book store to past my time after browsing some magazines and my favorite Art-DIY books.

I remember there's a coffee place inside this bookstore. Since I had a chance to hangout at the place.. unlike normal work days, where on earth I would have a time to hangout in KLCC, relaxing and past time like yesterday.

So, I ordered a cup of Latte (RM7.20) and head myself to a cushion sofa at the far corner in the coffee store. It's located upstairs of the book store, basically the top most of Suria KLCC, overlooking the park!

Just in case you would have time spare in KLCC, this is a good place for you to take a break. Less crowd... enjoy coffee and magazines too. :)

Aiks... what's this below??? Can you find this in KLCC???
Hehehe... sorry, this is meant to attract someone out there, all the way staying in the Kiasu-land now.
This is call Hokkien Mee! Delicious and famous one @ Jalan 222, Ah Wah Hokkien Mee.
Enjoy the pic!

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