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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Very Young Pomegranate Tree

Should I restart my blogging 'engine' once again? Well... will see what I could blog this weekend. Very interesting weekend once again, though I may be bored of life once a while... bad me as I have much expectations to myself. Anyway, I'll let blogging occupied my days...

I tried this fruit - Pomegranate few weeks ago, bought it from a fruit stall at AvenueK after lunch. I didn't take the picture of the fruit at that time, here's what I sourced from Wikipedia.

As usual, I will leave most of my unwanted fruit skin and vegetables at my backyard's ground, for them to fragment and turn into organic soil. After a week, some mini plants came appeared from the ground... here's the mini pomegranate tree!!!

Upon checking from Wikipedia, this fruit seems able to survive at our ground. Not too sure if it will grow well at my backyard, and how long will it takes to bare fruits... 1 or 2 years? I will surely update my blog again, if I happen to successfully grow this plant.

Till then :-)

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