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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Food Surprises : Kanna Curry House @ PJ Section 4

This was my Christmas breakfast. Been avoiding this sinful tasty yet simple local food for awhile, this has been the gift for own self to enjoy it on a holiday season. A friend introduced me this place lately, and what attracted me was the use of Banana Leaf even for their Roti Canai!

Being grown up in an almost nil Indian community, seriously I have never seen this on even simple Roti Canai. The most could only being served during a Banana Leaf meal, i.e. lunch or dinner where full dishes of vegetables and rice are served.

Roti Canai on Banana Leaf! It is ever so greenery and environmental friendly. I can feel the nature smell of food, especially having them on a breezy lovely Christmas morning :)

The location :
Kanna Curry House
No. 31, Jalan 4/47, Section 4 PJ
Tel : 603-7784 2010
(Nearby Campbell factory)

Understand they could have several branches, not too sure if the others are still in business. One of the previous one (if I recalled my memory correctly, I had it once at Section 17 more than 10 years ago).


Anonymous said...

Pricing is very steep. As I understand it, banana leaf chicken curry rice is $10.50.
Paper thosai is $2.50 whereas next door only charges $1.50.

Purpledee said...

Agree. I was disappointed with their food lately, after they changed their serving of fresh banana leave to paper fake 'leaves'.