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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Foods @ Kota Kemuning : MG's Cafe (Vegetarian Cafe)

I am not a vegetarian, nor strong believer of a particular religion. I believe in healthy living and healthy diet, most importantly knowing what we eat and what our body needs. In a way, I do promote vegetarian diet at times, when I feel my body been too acidic and require more vegetables cellulose to break even the acidity in the body.

Pleased to know my neighborhood has more and more food stores in business, especially those cafe serving healthy foods, in particularly vegetarian diet meals. Personally, I wouldn't sure how much these cafes could sustain, how much could Malaysia accept the healthy diet model, where places like Taiwan and Japan has been much "in-to" the trend of diet control.

Quick tour of the newly opened cafe in Kota Kemuning. If not mistaken, this is their 3rd branch. Visit their official website for more info, including their menu. http://www.mgscafe.com. Follow with some pictures taken on my 1st visit to the cafe. There are still some room for improvement on their menu, will take you through a little below.

The menu.

Dragon fruit juice. The only disappointment for me was their drink. I ordered a 3 layered green tea milk, I would think it was tasteless. This dragon fruit fruit juice was so-so, but other fruit juices were slight diluted.

The foods... started off with some baked stuff. Potato au Gratin & Curry rice au Gratin. This gave more more inspire to serve baked stuff for occasions. Hehe..

We shared the Vege beef brisket Soup Noodle. The soup was great, but the noodle was too soggy to our taste.

Vegetarian frittata.

Vegetarian Sushi. This was good, and taste was promising. You wouldn't realise there was no meat in there.

Yam delight.

Cream of Mushroom soup with Flaky Pastry. This was great!! The group ordered more to share.

My blessed to those who strongly believe and able to practice diet meals once a while, if not always. Hope the food stores can sustain, and continue to promote good healthy diet plans for the society. Folks, choose your diet and be healthy :)

The address:
9-1 Ground Floor,
No. 8 Jalan Anggerik Vanilla BE 31/BE
Kota Kemuning
(new commercial area near the park & CIMB bank)
Tel : 603-5131 6020

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