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Friday, December 23, 2011

Korean Series - Love Story in Harvard (愛在哈佛)

It all came by co-incidently introduced by someone, I am happy to discover or even place my cursor to play this drama. Relatively nice and worth watching. I am not an action-packed person, romance and philosophized of drama is much more my type.

Love Story in Harvard, an interesting Korean drama shown on Korea SBS channel back on 2004. It seems to be a hit way back then. 16 episodes where half of it has scene taken in the United Stated campus life. The weather and campus life scene are just awesome. I like the picture produced by the actors/actresses at that time, it is way much natural, not much 3D animation, glaring pictures, over-sharpen colorized pictures. Natural should be the word.

If one has the time, and have the similar interest as I do... Grab yourself a copy of this drama series. Their conversation mainly in Korean language, but if you don't understand a single word as I, make sure you have English subtitle. The fact that, at certain time Korean may not speak a precise English as English is not their mother language after all. I find the story is meaningful :)

http://tv.sbs.co.kr/lovestory/ (official page in Korean)

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