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Monday, December 26, 2011

Foods @ Kota Kemuning : Nyonya Siew Pao @ NTS Restaurant

New discovery within the destiny of Kota Kemuning. Love it every bites, surprised enough to discover such a nice stall serving all kinds of baked food. Ranging from Siew Pao, egg tarts, curry puffs, kaya puffs, butter bun, chicken bun, etc....

Stall currently located within NTS Restaurant hawker center. Look out for a stall namely Nyoya Siew Pao. The owner usually start baking from morning, if you wish to get a full range of supply, don't visit too early. Probably 10am to noon you might get full range of baked pastry available. I first tried their chicken bun, love it to the max! Imagine the bun is like butter bun pictured below, but stuffed with the ingredient just like Seremban Siew Pao. So yummy!

I didn't had the picture at first. Packed t he 2nd time next day and tried other range of pastries. It was all good. I love the taste of butter bun, just like old school days bun.

The butter bun.

The curry puff, stuffed with large slice of potato.

The siew pao, absolutely tasty with less pastry flour.

The coconut tart, reminds me of old Hailam shop tart at my hometown, which was stuffed with strawberry jam at the bottom of the tart. :)

Looks good? Give it a try if you like baked pastry. Worth a try.
However, the hawker center may not be an ideal place for you to enjoy the buns and pastry. It will be nice to pack them and enjoy a cuppa at home instead, during afternoon tea session. Superb nice :)

The location:
NTS Restaurant Kota Kemuning
(GPS Coordinate : 3.005731,101.538531)
Jalan Anggerik Vanilla W 31/W

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